Sunday, October 4, 2009

Something Got Done!

I haven't been a completely lifeless blob this weekend. Close, but not completely.

Remember how the grocery store was on yesterday's list? Yeah, well, I was going to go last night, but I would have had to be able to get up to get the prybar that it would have taken to remove my a** from the sofa. So, I opted to horizontally commune with furniture instead.

Today, I did the running, came home, put things away, and then got outside to the job I put off yesterday: mortaring bricks under the column base and then filling in the gaps with driveway patch. Fun stuff!

In a totally decadent move, I did NOT mow the lawn. I didn't even do a full wash of Pearl either. (I know. Shudder.) She really wasn't dirty. Instead I wiped her down with this detailing spray that Meguiar makes for use between waxes. Ah, there's my shiny girl!

Not a whole lot to cross off the list. But at least something got done.


Victoria said...

Some times its nice to take a weekend off and just lay around. I dont think I have washed my truck in... months. Thats something to really shudder about...

MonkeyGirl said...

You mean you are supposed to wash your car often? I don't think I can even remember the last time my car got washed - eewww!

NV said...

Victoria -- I used to be the same way, back when I thought of a car as just transportation. :-)

MG -- You're too funny. You, the one person I know who gets NEW cars regularly. Of course, you have somewhere to keep yours, too. That makes a big difference.

Anonymous said...