Thursday, October 29, 2009


If you have furry family members, I don't have to explain what a great source of comedy they can be. It's entertainment you just can't buy a ticket to!

On no shortage of occasions, I think I have described or mentioned what a weird cat Toby is. He rarely meows. He tends more toward “chirping,” these brief little high-pitched vocalizations that sound more like Morse code than a language.

He’s NOT a lap cat by any stretch of the imagination though he worships the mother and is usually hangin’ within 10 feet of her. He likes to walk up to her and touch her with a paw to get her attention. And sometimes, like last night, he is content to sit on the sofa with her, a pillow or two (where the mother likes to keep her feet) propped between them, and watch television. Like this. Seems pretty comfy, doesn't he?

He's relatively content to stay that way -- unless you accidentally startle him. (If you look up “scaredy cat” in the dictionary, you’re liable to find his photo.) This dude is definitely on edge. It’s a tendency that’s become even more pronounced since the arrival of the kitten.

But, assuming he isn't startled, he will sit quietly and watch television. Occasionally, he will give one of us a strange look (usually while a goofy commercial is on.) Kind of eerie sometimes the way he reacts with such human qualities.

And that's what makes this so hilarious. (At least to me. And, admittedly, I'm easily amused.
Tell me he doesn't look like he's saying: What? Can't a guy watch Hardball without you pointin' that camera at him?


Victoria said...

He looks so much like my mother in laws cat! What a cutie. Since I have been home I noticed my cat olive will crawl under the newly made bed and tuck herself in with her head resting on my pillow just like a human! I snapped a couple pictures I have yet to post. But I caught the dog yesterday devouring a scrap of paper, and when I called his name he looked up knowing he had been caught- but he managed to have a square piece of paper stuck to this upper lip that made him look buck-toothed. I about died laughing. Its nice to know Im not the only one who chuckles at their pets expense.

Karen Anne said...

What a beautiful kitty.

Gene said...

All cats are weird, it's just different cats express it in different ways :-)

De-Blurker Kate said...

ROFL - yes, he does look like that thought is going through his head!

We never seemed to take very many pics of the previous kitties in the house, which we now regret immensely. So we've kind of over compensated with the new furguy. But this cat is crazy & if we didn't take pictures, no one would believe us.

De-Blurker Kate said...
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De-Blurker Kate said...

<- PS. BTW, this is the crazy cat

Jayne said...

He's a beautiful cat!

sewwhat? said...

I have one who doesn't like to be held or touched, but if I stretch out in an easy chair, my chest is his perch. He's happy as long as I don't move, he'll signal his displeasure with a nasty nip! Brat cat!

JujuB said...

Girl, you rock. You always could turn a phrase! I too derive great pleasure from my Kittie Joe. Watching a 12lb cat get chased around a chair by a 2lb guinea pig is priceless!

NV said...

Victoria -- that is so cool. I know so many people who have Tabby and OTHER mixes. (We think he's part Maine Coon.) And no. We are forever laughing at ours.

Karen -- Thanks.

Gene -- Well said!

Kate -- This cat has some of the best expressions. His look of disdain can't be rivaled.

Jayne -- Thanks.

sewwhat -- Yes, your cat is quite something that way. I never know if he is going to just run away, brush against me or rip my lungs out. :-)

JujuB -- ROOMIE! I thought that was you. So glad you've checked in. We have GOT to catch up.

Anonymous said...