Friday, October 30, 2009

Long Way to Go

One of the things that the mother’s recent obsession with clearing things up and organizing them has brought to the surface is the number of things that are still undone. It’s kind of depressing when I think about it.

One thing I’d hoped – and hope each week, waiting patiently for the flyers to come out – is that Home Depot would have had a sale on special order flooring by now. I need to order new thresholds for both the kitchen and the bathroom. I need a different kind for the bathroom than what was on there. For the kitchen, I need a new one for two reasons.

First, it never matched the laminate exactly to begin with but that was OK since the vinyl planks were a different color entirely. It was one I had bought (getting as close to the laminate as I could) after one of the bedroom pieces had to be recut and there wasn’t enough of the matching stuff to do the kitchen. Second, it got split in two during all the moving of appliances.

The bathroom floor isn’t finished either. With each trip in there I’m reminded of the fact that I still need to regrout in a few spots, use the sanded, colored caulk around the bath and short wall (and see if I will need to lay down individual hex pieces if the quarter-round doesn’t cover), and of course, remove the last of the grout haze. Yeah. Seriously fun stuff.

That is on my weekend agenda. That, along with skim-coating walls. And who knows? I may even actually get some wallpaper up in there.

Ideally, it WILL stop raining. This would be ideal so that I can cut both the quarter-round and the upper wall trim. We got faint glimpses of the sun on Wednesday night – and an all too brief glimpse of it yesterday morning. It’s done nothing but rain since. We’re well over 10 inches for the month, the wettest October in recent history.

OK. We broke the record.

You can STOP NOW, please!


De-Blurker Kate said...

SUPPOSEDLY, the weather is suppose to clear up overnight & stay that way for the next 5 days. Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it.

Jayne said...

John (aka Reed) works for the Corps of Engineers on this side of the state. He got home from work tonight at 10 p.m. and told me he'd been on the phone most of the evening with his counterparts in St. Louis. Apparently the confluence of the Mississippi & Missouri is really high. Enough, already!

De-Blurker Kate said...

I keep forgetting to ask - I remember you mentioning the vinyl planks awhile back, can't find the post now, tho. I remember the impression that you were pleased with how well they held up? Am I remembering correctly? What brand vinyl plank did you use & did you put them over existing flooring? Sorry for all the questions but I've been considering using them in my kitchen for awhile & really appreciate your honesty when reviewing products. Thanks!

Hope you're knocking some more items off your long list this weekend!

NV said...

Kate -- Hang tight. Post just for you to come!

Jayne -- Yeah, thank God they're all cresting now.

Anonymous said...