Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Really Good Day

I had SO much fun yesterday! It is incapable of measurement or to convey how fully and completely it touched me.

Scrapbooking with the MonkeyGirl, her BFF, MamaMartha and Harriet was awesome. I don’t remember the last time all four of us (long-time veterans of the winter weekend odyssey that is Crop Camp) were together, but it’s always fun when it happens. And 2010 will mark 12 years of it. TWELVE! Wow.

And there is nothing that compares with gathering as many of my high school brethren as possible for our school’s annual trivia night. Of the eight of us, we usually average a healthy four. Fifty percent is not bad at all! Last night we had Mr. and Mrs. Monkeygirl, Mr. and Mrs. PB, Laura (sans her mister), PB’s sister, MonkeyGirl’s MEF, and me. We actually had FIVE graduates on hand as PB’s sister is an alumni, too.

Some of the questions were hard. Some of the questions we had a 50-50 shot at. Some questions we just didn’t answer (but didn’t get penalized for thanks to this year’s addition of mulligans). Other questions, someone at the table could answer right off. Still others required teamwork with someone starting the answer or giving credence to half of it – and someone else providing the rest.

We didn’t go home in winning position, but we didn’t do badly either. And yet, the PBs went home winners in a BIG way. During a silent auction (held in tandem with trivia) they scored a new family member: an adorable puppy! They were going back and forth all evening to make sure they had the high bid. And they were quite excited when, at evening’s end, they were declared the winners!

The big winners were the little PBs: 9-year-old triplets and their 13-year-old sister. Can’t wait to see what they name this little cutie and how excited and happy they are to have him. (And this was a puppy who was rescued from a Tupperware container in an alley, along with his siblings shortly afer birth. I'd say the puppy made out pretty well, too!)

Yeah. It was a really good day.


MonkeyGirl said...

I still hold out hope that they will call the puppy "RK TupperStuff" but that is kind of a mouthful! Whatever they name him, he will always have that name in my mind!

Why S? said...

Will we get to see the results of your Crop Camping?

Victoria said...

Sounds like you had a blast!

plumbelieve said...

Well, the kiddos were in disbelief and ultimately great joy at the big surprise. After many name games and rounds of "I don't like that one," or "He does not look like a Buster," we finally settled on Jackson (Jack for short). I originally favored this but was quickly shot down. Somehow it was brought up again by a child and voted on. We also had Max, Luke, Zeus, Chester, Buster, Tolon and many others. We made a memorable trip this summer that culminated in Jackson Hole, Wyoming which makes this name even more special to us. Coincidentally, Jackson was the male name we had picked out if our oldest child would have been a boy. So we liked it for many reasons. Our last dog was also from a rescue of sorts but certainly not anything as cruel as Jack's situation. The original owners named him after Bailey's Irish Creme so it is only fitting that our new dog carry on the tradition of a beverage, Jack, as in on the rocks. Oh well, you see the many connections to this name.

The best part of all is that his fur matches our carpet and wood floor!

He is settling in nicely. Thanks for the pic of the proud papa.

Anonymous said...