Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Around the 'Net

On days when I spend a lot of time online, I almost always run across good reading material without really looking for it. It usually becomes something to lunch by.

That said, here’s a few things I found that I think you might want to check out:
· I found this article quite apt as the mother is on a one-woman crusade to get as much project clutter cleared up as possible. Things have started to disappear from all over the house. (A mixed blessing, considering that the mother sometimes doesn’t remember where she put things. I’m STILL looking for the spare battery I bought for my laptop!)
· has been running a really good list of seasonal tips all year long. Here’s a cautionary tale about checking your roof before the weather breaks and a look ahead at their suggested home maintenance activities for November.
· In a rare bi-partisan effort, leading Democrat and Republican senators are calling for an extension of the $8,000 home-buyer credit that’s set to expire at the end of the month. With the needed support, the measure could last until April!
· has some good safety tips to prepare for the thundering herd of trick-or-treaters that are just around the corner. (Thanks to Charles&Hudson for retweeting this link or I might have missed it!)
· You can never have too many resources when it comes to taking on DIY projects from buying products or materials to doing the jobs themeselves. I’ve learned a lot online from blogs, articles and videos. Apparently, I’m far from alone. A survey by Web stat analysis site shows that DIYers are visiting manufacturers’ sites in record numbers this year and explores why they are going there.