Friday, October 23, 2009

Not To Be Outdone

Still working on that trim and on those walls. The mother twisted my arm -- OW! -- and made me go shopping. I know. Yeah, again.

But that was only after I'd gone to the post office and done a bit of painting. I'm entitled, right? Well, all that aside ... we haven't talked about Taz for a while. I haven't posted any new photos or any more pleas for a home for her.

Today, the mother bought her a mat for her food bowls. I think the mother has come to the conclusion that this little girl isn't going anywhere. I still wish she would but things have calmed down a bit. Maybe they'll continue down that path.

In the meantime, Taz seems to be healthy. And happy. And really, really cute. Here's some proof. (Not to be outdone by the photos earlier of the Tobinator.)


Victoria said...

ohhh what a cute kitty! Why would you want to get rid of him? He looks like a bit of a spitfire. LOL.

Why S? said...

I have a feeling that one day you're going to be really, really happy to have her.

She's a beauty but she may turn our to be much more. Just a feeling.

sewwhat? said...

You must be predestined to have grey tabbies! Taz and Toby look like they are related! Same look in the face, but then cat faces aren't that different. But she sure is cute, glad to hear she's settled down somewhat.

Karen Anne said...

Taz is one beautiful kitty.

De-Blurker Kate said...

Most definitely a cutie! I do hope for your sake that she continues to settle down a bit more. But not too much! That's the fun of having a youngin'. My recent adoptee is a year old, still has a playful side, but past the spazzy stage.

And yes, you're entitled. It's YOUR day off, so you should get to choose.

Debbie said...

awww, Taz is getting so big, and is so very cute!

NV said...

Victoria -- The kitten isn't the problem. At least not yet. It's Toby that's been the main cause for concern.

Why -- Thanks! I hope you're right because for right now, it's exhausting to have three again!

sewwhat -- I think you're right. Funnier still is that Tigger, Toby and Taz were all found within about 35 feet of the same location. And it's Toby that's the problem child. I don't think she'll be the beauty he is, but they defintely look a lot alike!

Karen Anne -- Thank you! She's a pretty good little girl. We haven't had a girl cat in nearly 20 years!

Kate -- Thanks! Yeah, she's pretty good. Does spaz out from time to time but it's usually Toby who is the trouble-maker.

Debbie -- Isn't she though? i'm just glad I don't have to shoe those feet. I'd cry a lot! :-)

Anonymous said...