Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And the Verdict Is …

Despite a few minor delays, traffic last night was not too bad and I cruised through town, arriving nearly 10 minutes ahead of my appointment. Of course, it took me almost that long to park and get to the building so the timing was perfect. I was ushered right into an exam room and 10 minutes later, I was walking out with a script for a new nasal mist. (Cross your fingers that this works!)

Pearl and I flew across town and grabbed Taz from the mother and sped up the road. The vet’s office was jammed. There was a seriously obese Bassett hound named Ed sitting on the floor. He was snorting like a pig and so loudly that Taz stood up in her carrier. She was amused by the collection of kittens, all about her age, that stared back at her from a tall pen at the end of the room. (The vet works with the local shelter.) That seemed to put her at ease. Until the “greeter cat,” a big, caramel-colored male, both ears bent in odd directions, jumped into the seat next to us – and then onto the top of the carrier.

Anxious for my attention, he plopped back into the chair next to the carrier and rubbed against my hip. (He’s a sweetie and another of the vet’s rescue cases. Unlike the kittens, he’s not up for adoption; he lives at the doctor’s office.) His name is ALF. What a sweetheart!

While we waited our turn, an elderly lady came to claim “Charles,” a big, beautiful, brown tabby mix. He strutted back and forth atop the counter while she paid his ransom. Taz watched every move, clearly fascinated by the gorgeous creature.

When it got to be our turn, the vet once again checked Taz’s backside. “Nothing personal, honey, you just don’t look like a girl,” says the doc. That made me laugh. I reminded the doctor that she had done a doubletake when I first brought Taz in.

Taz was visibly frightened when they drew blood but she didn’t whimper, merely winced a bit. When she got her booster shot, she barely moved. Such a good little girl!

And, based on last night’s test, a healthy girl. No feleuk. No signs of any other kind of illness or disease for that matter. Thank God! In fact, the doctor declared her a “little moose” after she weighed in at a whopping 5.5 pounds! Wow – that little ball of grey fluff sure got big! Now there's no doubt where all that food is going.

So that’s the news of the hour. I’ll have to let her new mama know. I'm sure she'll be relieved.


Vicki said...

Yay! I hope she enjoys her new home :)

Gene said...

w00t! Glad to hear there's no FLV.

MonkeyGirl said...

Boo-Ya! Glad all the doctors visit were winners!

NV said...

Vicki -- Me, too. Tomorrow is the big day!

Gene -- I know. TRUE relief!

MG -- Thanks!