Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Missing: Holiday Spirit

The mother is slowly starting to feel better. She’s begun to wrap Christmas packages, something she’s been anxious to do for almost a week as this is generally an activity she has all but completed by Halloween.

We’re also starting to talk about Christmas decorations. First, I need to clear the dining room out a little bit. Then we can talk about decorating. I don’t think we’ll have guests this year which is both a blessing and a curse. I think I can manage the driving this year though as my "sleigh" has gotten a serious upgrade. They’re forecasting a green Christmas (works for me) so we’ll load up Pearl and away we’ll go!

We’ll also have to find everything again. We’ve had so many projects under way since last year, it’s kind of tough to remember where everything went or got temporarily moved to. I’m guessing we’ll do about as much outdoor decorating as we did last year, especially if December will be warmer and relatively dry.

I’ve noticed that quite a few people have taken advantage of this month’s mild weather to decorate. Houses all across town are lit up night. I don’t mind that they’re getting an early start. I adore holiday lights and decorations.

And yesterday, on my way into the office, I noticed that this beauty is up in all of its glory, too. (If you can't tell from the photo, that's a two-story tree!)
It really IS beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Wonder when it will start to feel that way.


Kate said...

Glad to hear the mother is starting to feel better! Here's hoping she's feeling up to par by Thursday.

We only have one house in the neighborhood so far that's got their lights up & glowing. Depending on what the weather does this coming weekend, I'm hoping that will change. I love all the lights.

Weirdly enough, the best place I've ever seen for Christmas lights & decorating is Florida. They go the extra mile to help get them in the spirit. But there is something strangely unsettling about a palm tree wrapped like a candy cane. Cute but weird.

Vicki said...

Glad the mother is feeling better! I wish I could have a two-story tree. Not even sure where we're going to put a tree this year, our house is packed. Maybe I'll decorate the Japanese Maple outside our window...

NV said...

Kate -- I spoke too soon. Now she's feeling funky again and even worse, so am I. I have her d*mn cold! Oh, I would have absolutely NO problem decorating a palm tree. Bring it on! :-)

V -- Yeah. I'd love to have a big tree again. Need a bigger house to pull that off.