Monday, November 16, 2009

A Cameo by Lawrence

Part of the chaos of Saturday brought an early morning phone call: It was Lawrence. His wife’s surgery had gone well and she continues to recuperate. She is well enough that he could escape for a few hours to deliver some materials for a job he’s doing in St. Louis. He wondered if he could stop by en route to drop off a sample of the frame pieces he’d cut for the drawer front covers. He wants to make sure it fits before cutting "real" boards.

I didn’t think we’d be home when he came by but we were still a few minutes from leaving when he pulled up. He brought the piece inside and into the kitchen. He had used his router – with a dado bit – to build an edge that would hold a beadboard panel in place while slipping over the existing raised panel drawers. He seemed pleased with the overall fit.

This is hardly the finished product but I think you can get the idea.

Ideally, he’ll be back after Thanksgiving with the edge pieces and we can assemble and apply them then. He thinks his wife will be well enough to be left on her own for the day by then. He can finish cutting the drawer front frames in the meantime. (When we finished the carport project at the end of September, I’d loaded him up with the pine boards to be cut for the drawer fronts. )

I wish I’d had the chance to paint them first, then they’d already have a coat of paint on them going up.

Oh well. Another job on the to-do list! Right now, I need to work on retraining my focus and on finishing the bathroom.


karen said...

They are going to be so pretty. To do list just keep getting longer and longer.Good luck.

De-Blurker Kate said...

I need a Lawrence! I can't wait to see how these turn out.

NV said...

Karen -- Thanks! Yes, that d*mn list ... but someday, it will be done!

Kate -- EVERYONE needs a Lawrence. I don't know how we ever managed without him. I pray we get to keep him for quite a bit longer. I can't wait to see these finished either!

Anonymous said...