Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An Update

For the record, I love this picture.
It’s the very last frame I shot of Taz last Friday. Seeing it has had a little bit of sting to it the past few days. Especially since the mother is still pretty heartbroken about the whole thing.

I’ve even had lots of reservations about it since the weekend. This isn’t a reflection on Taz’s new mama, Sandra, as I’d have never turned her over to begin with if it was. We’ve just never given away any creature we’ve ever taken in. We’ve tried – but always ended up keeping them. Whether they lived a day or 17 years, they were ours for life. So now the mother thinks that we’ve “abandoned” Taz.

So I’ve been in kind of a funk about it, too. Until this morning – when this email (shared in part)greeted me.

Taz is amazing……she woke me up this morning smelling my face and purring for the first time. Last night was the first night she slept upstairs. I hadn’t forced the issue but was hoping she would come up on her own and she did. She did get into my big bedroom plant….so I had to chase her out of there a couple time...other than that, she has been perfect. Now that she is used to the stairs, I’m sure she thinks they were built just for her. She loves running up and down and even goes through the cat door so I can leave the big door closed. I do believe she is a very smart cat. She is getting more and more used to my husband…..she certainly didn’t mind him lying next to me as she joined us in bed last night.

Again, thank you for giving Taz to me…….I still miss Jethro so very, very much Taz is certainly starting to fill the void big time. … she is adorable and makes me laugh constantly…..which I need to do.

A HOUSE IS NOT HOME WITHOUT A PET….so now I have a home once again !!!!

*wiping tear* And as if that weren’t enough, she attached these.

Yeah. We really “abandoned” Taz, didn’t we? She looks like the portrait of miserable – not! If I didn't already, I now know I did the right thing.


Vicki said...

Oh, N, (sniff) you completely did the right thing. It hurts to "lose" what you love, but obviously Taz is doing this woman a world of good.

Victoria said...

Aw. Thats a really sweet letter she wrote. Most people wouldnt take the time to do that. That looks like one happy cat to me. :)

Jayne said...

Awww...It's bittersweet, isn't it? I think you did the right thing, too.

Anonymous said...

I know I have been offline for a long time when I have 21 posts of yours to read! :-) I'm sorry to hear about Taz, but happy too... It sounds like a good thing all around.

sewwhat? said...

She looks happy, and you should be also, for making someone's lonely life a little bit fuller.

Karen Anne said...

Taz looks so relaxed. Sounds like she is in a very good home.

De-Blurker Kate said...

Taz definitely looks like she's settling in very well.And the fact that Sandra was thoughtful enough to send the email just reaffirms that you did good!

MonkeyGirl said...

All the good karma that you pass along in your life has just come back home. You did a very noble thing and let go of Taz to fill a void in her new momma's heart!

Anonymous said...