Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Autumn Leaves

I couldn't help but kid the mother during her foray into outdoor fall decorating on Sunday.

Aren't there enough of the real ones around here for you? Do we need fakes ones? Seriously?
I honestly think that it looks nice though. It's very festive and just a precursor to the Christmas decorations that are *gulp* just around the corner!
Of course, it continues on the front porch, too, but by the time she'd finished on Sunday, it was too dark to catch a good shot.
I'll get one soon though. On a morning when I'm not running late, leaving my wallet at home or otherwise engaged in some form of stupidity.


elaine said...

I don't know. I think it kinda works BECAUSE there are leaves around. If you were, say, spraying fake snow in the windows of a house in El Paso, Texas, THEN it would look REALLY silly.

Victoria said...

Firstly, I am so glad someone (namely Elaine) thinks that canned snow is entirely tacky. I couldnt agree more, and coming from a place where it hasnt snowed since 76'- I am so glad someone said it!

NV if you ever spend a fall here in FL you will totally miss all of those beautiful fall colored leaves. Though it is funny your mom buys them to decorate with. I guess I shouldnt laugh too hard since I was eyeing some the other day. You wont tell right? :)

De-Blurker Kate said...

At least THAT kind is a whole lot easier to clean up than the real kind. And they're pretty! Unlike the brown ones all over my lawn.

Vicki said...

Looks nice! Decorating for each season or holiday is something I've not let myself get into (although I wish I could). Moving every couple of years and then having to find places to put all of that would make for an insane Vicki. Maybe when we retire!