Tuesday, November 3, 2009


One of the things that is just so d*mned cool about blogging is all of the interaction. I love getting comments that offer not only encouragement but occasionally good advice on projects and products.

I also love it when something I’ve done or tried can help someone else out. So, I couldn’t ignore a recent comment from Kate who was trying to find my entry on vinyl beadboard. Here it is, Kate! That entry has vendor information and a photo, too. While we thought this was a good product (made by our friends at Azek, who made the vinyl planks I resided the shed with) it was not the best choice for the project for which we were considering it. I just came across that sample and passed it on a few days ago. It was thick and hearty, slid together easily and still maintained a nice wood look.

I got another comment for a rather old post (from back in February) on my review of the Twin Draft Guard. That review still gets a lot of traffic from Google, something that has been increasing as the weather has turned colder. I liked the item and am going to buy another one soon for the backdoor.

George, however, had some billing issues with customer service and then he didn’t even like the product, decrying it as “garbage.” Well, I’m sorry that you had a bad experience, George. We bought ours at Wal-Mart, and nine months later, ours is still very much in use on the front door and still doing its job.

Sometimes, I need to listen when my readers suggest something. Victoria told me WEEKS ago to get some chemicals to remove the bathroom grout haze. I resisted. But, while the method I was using was working, it was SO time-consuming I knew I needed to try something else. While I didn’t get the exact product she recommended, I did find this at Lowe’s. I’m happy to report IT WORKS!

If I spend just a little time with it a few more evenings this week I should be able to declare the haze removed. Then, of course, I get to regrout in sections and put in the quarter-round before I can declare the floor complete.

Just so you know, anything I review, I buy. If it comes to the point where a company sends me something to try, I’ll let you know that. Not that that would make it any easier on them. I’ll either like something – or I won’t. And I’ll tell you either way!

I’m all about finding things to make DIY projects faster, easier and less expensive. I think that’s something we can all appreciate. So, please, keep the dialogue going!


Cairo Typ0 said...

I'm so impressed that you DIY! I'm just not coordinated enough. LOL

Jayne said...

It was your blog where I learned of the plastic tiles that look like tin ceiling, which now grace my kitchen backsplash. Thanks! :)

Victoria said...

Thanks for name dropping there NV. Way to make me blush. lol.

Im so glad that stuff worked for you- I cant wait to see the end results I know they will look amazing!

De-Blurker Kate said...

Bless your heart! Thank you for the info on the vinyl beadboard, I bookmarked it for wishlist project info. However ... the vinyl planks I was actually wondering about were the vinyl flooring planks. I finally found the post here (http://thisdmnhouse.blogspot.com/2009/07/floored.html). Finding that post answered my questions about how they held up (good after 3+ years) & installed over existing flooring but ... still wondering What brand they are.

TYVM Oh Wise Mistress of the DIY Kingdom! ;)

NV said...

Cairo -- If it required coordination, I'd never be able to manage it!

Jayne -- Aw, thanks for that reminder. Glad something proved valuable and helped!

Victoria -- Yeah, I need to get back to that little task. I keep telling myself, "Soon. soon."

Kate -- I'm such a goof! Hopefully, my post after this helped clear things up. (Yet another product we have had a good experience with!)