Saturday, November 14, 2009

Retail Therapy

It was a gorgeous day -- sunny and in the 70s! Unbelievable for November around here. But it all ends tomorrow. The weatherman is promising us a week of rain starting tomorrow night. Lovely.

This was day one of an action-packed weekend. Tomorrow, it's a family event for work. I've volunteered to play photographer. The mother is coming along.

Today was an emotional day and we helped to wash that down with some healthy doses of retail therapy. I got to go to Archiver's. Anytime I get to go to a scrapbook store, it's a good day. So, I guess today qualifies.

Today had an extra little twist to it, too: the reappearance, albeit brief, of Lawrence.

I've alluded to so many things in this post, without telling you much of anything. Stay tuned ...