Friday, November 27, 2009

What's Your Sign?

One of the bargains I picked up on today in abundance was throw blankets.

For our charity program at work, we have more than a dozen seniors and several of the requests for them have been for these personal-sized blankets. I managed to snag five of them this morning at the princely sum of $4 each. (By this evening, they were still on sale but at $6 each.)

I picked up a few other gifts that I knew were requested, some for kids, some for adults. So it was good to turn around and take the money that I'd just saved on one purchase and spend it on something else.

Really looking forward to officially kicking off the program this week.

So, what's your sign. This is mine:


Karen Anne said...

I know they'll like those blankets. It's amazing what a difference those make in comfort.

Jayne said...

I think it's great that you and your co-workers take part in this charity program.

And this is totally off the subject, but...Did you get the spindles and railing that are on your porch at either HD or Lowe's? I can't tell from the teeny photo on the Lowe's website what their railing kit really looks like and the store closest to me doesn't carry them, so I'm wondering what they look like. Thanks.

karen said...

Great deal on the blankets. My mom got a nice throw last year from some nice charity. I hope they remember her this year.

Kate said...

Thank you for this heart warming story. Seriously! It beats the heck out of the story in our local paper about Black Friday shoppers, and interviewed a mom who stood in line for over 4 hours at a local Target to purchase ... wait for it ... a 32" HDTV for her 3 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!

Those throw blankets are a wonderful gift. I love mine.

Anonymous said...