Monday, November 9, 2009

Doctor, Doctor

I came in early this morning to accommodate two doctor visits this afternoon: one for me, one for Taz. I’m keeping a previously forgotten about allergist visit to see if he can upgrade my prescription.

While the weekend weather was oh so fabulous, this morning is cloudy and gray. I’d hoped that by getting in early I could share a “sunrise” shot instead of a sunset photo for a change but it was not to be.

Maybe it’s just the weather change or maybe I’ve gone through my drug immunity phase again. Whatever the reason, I hope he can find something to solve the persistent sneezing and post-nasal drip of the past few weeks. It’s gotten ridiculous!

So, I’ll be zipping by his office on my way through town toward home. Then, once home, I’ll nab Taz and head for the vet’s office which is a mile or so away. She’s getting her booster, a scan for feleuk and possibly a rabies shot. Poor thing.

Here’s hoping for good results for both of us! (Especially Taz as this has great bearing on her future.)


Vicki said...

Are you allergic to something in your home? That seems odd for the drip to last so long. Hopefully you'll get some relief today!

karen said...

Best of luck to the both of you. I hate doc. appointments and so do my pets.

Victoria said...

Bummer, I hope you both did okay at the doctors today!

kaypasa2001 said...

I like the phrase "nab Taz."

NV said...

Thanks all! The new mist appears to be helping and by now you surely know that Taz passed with flying colors!