Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dear Taz

Dear Taz,

I'm so sorry to have frightened and confused you so badly. I hope that the love and comfort you receive in your new home will absolve me from causing this temporary upheaval for you.

Thank you for being such a good girl when you entered the arms of your new mama. The tears that filled her eyes as she first hugged you and kissed your head made me feel so strongly that this was the right thing. Having so recently lost a long-time feline companion, I think you will be a wonderful way to fill the hole in her heart.

I know it will take time for you to adjust -- both to the change of scenery and the people within it -- but I hope it will be a happy adventure for you. I know that someday soon you will have the run of a house, one where you will be the center of attention. One that isn't filled with unfinished floors and walls, littered with tools and supplies and home to an insane cat that would enjoy nothing more than to make a meal of you.

Be nice to Sandra and be patient. She is a kind lady and I think you will find that she will spoil you almost as much if not more than we have. I sincerely believe that your patience will find you having everything you need -- and more -- or I would never have let you go. I hope that you understand this in the brief time that precedes the ever diminshing memory of the mother and I.

I know it won't be that long and you will forget us. But we will never forget you. And, if for some strange, unforseeable reason things just don't work out ... the door will always be open to you. We'll make it work somehow.


karen said...

Taz is the cutest thing. I know it will be fine at Taz's new home.And it was so nice of you to let your friend have Taz since she is missing her lost kitty. Taz will be loved.

Why S? said...

That was such a sweet letter. I'm so glad it's worked out for everyone. Sometimes, the Universe really does line up everything just right.

Anonymous said...

A beautifully written letter. It had to be hard to let her go.


Victoria said...

Awe. What a sweet letter. I hope everything goes as planned. :)

De-Blurker Kate said...

I'm sure she went to her new home knowing she had been well loved.

Debbie said...

What a sweet letter, his new mama sounds perfect!

I'm going to the local animal shelter some time this week. My big old house needs a cat. :) I looked online and see several adult cats that sound perfect. I could never handle a kitten, as they are just too hyper.

NV said...

Karen -- I'm sure you're right. I just was not prepared for how hard it was going to be.

Why -- Aw, thanks. It was heartfelt. Yeah, I have to believe this was all for a reason. So far, so good.

Michele -- Thanks. It was hard to give her up. I tried SO hard not to get attached. Failed.

Victoria -- Thanks. Still kind of holding my breath but it seems to be working out.

Kate -- Thank you! She certainly was.

Debbie -- Thanks! Definitely need a cat for your new house. Happy kitty shopping.

Sandy said...

I'm so sorry that you had to let Taz go but I'm happy for her new mama and for her if you think it will be a better place for her.

Serendipity said...

This is a lovely post :)

bettyl said...

It's always sad to part with a member of the family, but it sounds like you found the right place for Taz. But, I know that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.

Gombojav Tribe said...


I feel for you. What a beautiful little kitty.

sprinkles said...

Found your blog via Best Posts of the Week.

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful cat! I lost my siamese/himalyan cat about a year ago. He meant so much to me that I haven't gotten another cat because I don't know that anyone else could live up to him.

Anonymous said...