Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I whined so mightily last month about leaves that I’d be remiss to not give an update.

After a week or two of wading through a growing pile of leaves from the neighbor’s tree that straddles our property line, I came home on Friday to find that he had mowed the entire lot – and apparently used a bagger! (While he is good about mowing, he doesn’t use the bagger.) So, a completely leaf-lined lot was down to about 15 percent of what had been covering it. Not bad at all! I usually have to spend most of a weekend doing this every year, and with a combination of mower and manual raking, collect about 4-5 bags of leaves.

The front yard is still covered. I’ll be able to get that though, probably on Friday when I’m off. The backyard also has some stragglers but … the neighbor across the alley, whom I love dearly but who gets on my last nerve this time every year, was RAKING over the weekend. RAKING.

I was stunned. His usual leaf-removal method of choice is to let them all pile up against the double gate which opens directly onto my backyard. He opens them and then all the leaves blow over to me. They either hit the backyard or the lot that we own part of that just got cleared. That’s the usual M.O. But not this year.

And I couldn’t be happier.


Vicki said...

Hell must be freezing over! Congrats!

Mama Martha said...

Maybe your neighbors have been reading your blog?

modernemama said...

It's lovely when people are thoughtful of others. Hope he keeps it up next year

De-Blurker Kate said...

I wish I lived closer, I'd come do your yard for free just so I could fill my pallet compost bins!

I have all leaves & very little grass in my backyard b/c of all my trees. I put my next door neighbor on alert - I'll mow his backyard (no trees) but he's got to do his dog scooping thing first. They've got 2 pits & a rotty. I'm not getting near that yard until all the Mt. Poo-suvius piles are picked up.

NV said...

Vicki -- Tell me! Thanks.

MM -- I was thinking the same thing when I came home to find the lot deleafed!

Mod-e -- I know. I could have hugged my neighbor across the way.

Kate -- I'd be happy to oblige! :-)

Anonymous said...