Sunday, November 22, 2009

The To Do List

Yesterday was a play day. I cropped with the MonkeyGirl and we dropped in on the MonkeyMama, sewwhat.

It's kind of interesting to witness two generations of talent. The MonkeyGirl is forever coming up with some creative scrapbooking endeavor. She is currently working on a babybook for her new granddaughter. It has a rubber duckie theme.

So what did she do yesterday? With her handy, dandy Cricut and a variety of colored paper, she made a Frankenduck (for October) a durkey (rubber duck as a turkey)and the beginnings of reinducks (for December). I wish I'd had my camera!

Sewwhat, as her handle suggests, is forever in the throes of a sewing project. She is almost always doing multiple plays at once, plus, she made Halloween costumes for her grandchildren this year. I got to be privy to her costuming room, a temporary hang-out for about 100 costumes, because someone in the troupe is moving soon.

And I even got to see her handiwork in action. To say I was awestruck would be saying too little.

My grandmother was a seamstress and a tremendous cook. Those genes clearly didn't make it into my system. I told sewwhat that if I were left to clothe myself, I most likely would be clad in tin foil! Or, maybe sheets. (I once fashioned an old bed sheet into a respectable toga as part of a college Halloween costume.)

So, I'm always amazed by those who can make clothes. Especially when they make them so quickly and to such specifications. Thank you both for letting me bask in your creative streaks!

Today is a day for me to put some of my talents (or at least my concentrated efforts)to work. I have cars to wash, a yard to mow, leaves to rake and maybe a few holes to caulk. There's about 10 other mundane tasks on today's list.

Oh, and I'm still on Clara Barton duty. (Thanks for the many well wishes!) The mother looked and sounded awful earlier this morning. She's resting now. I hope that helps.

Well, my neighborhood is alive with the symphony of lawnmowers. I'd best go join them.


Why S? said...

You know what they say - every blog post should include at least one picture - especially if there's a rubber ducky involved.

sewwhat? said...

Mother, get well quick. Some day we need to meet, to talk about these talented daughters we bore, and compare some history, I hear it followed somewhat closely, at least at landmark dates! Like wedding dates one day apart! Who knew?

De-Blurker Kate said...

Thanks to my mother & grandmother, I used to knit, crochet AND sew when I was young (my favorite was anything with zippers or buttonholes, go figure). Then, for some stupid reason, I stopped. I wish I could remember how to do those things now.

I hope the mother has improved, still sending get well wishes her way.

And I'll live vicariously through you with whatever you accomplished yesterday. I was a total slug all weekend.

NV said...

Why -- I've primed the MonkeyGirl for a photo. We'll see if she manages it.

sewwhat -- Here's hoping! Yeah, it's amazing, all the parallels.

Kate -- Sluggin' is good.. !