Friday, August 29, 2008

Freaky Friday

There were bricks everywhere. I wasn't sure why or what I was supposed to be doing with them or even if anyone else was present.

Then I woke up. That's how I started my day.

We close early at work today and since I'm taking an extra long weekend (tacking on a vacation day on Tuesday), I've got a lot to get done. That shot to hell my early morning wake-up routine which is usually rather leisurely. I don't generally spring out of bed with the alarm -- without doing a complete about face right back into the sheets once I've silenced it. But today, I took those few steps east and flipped on the light. To put it mildly, Ozzie was not amused.

Once outside, I had to do a double-take in the dark stillness. There was a light on inside the car. And the door wasn't quite latched. WTF? As I approached it, I saw everything from the driver's door pocket lying on the seat. Uh-oh. This doesn't look good.

I threw open the door and held my breath. The console section door stood open -- that was the light source. All of the mother's jazz tapes were still there. Everything from the driver's pocket appeared to be there. Even my iPod adapter cassette was still in the player and the change (60 cents or so) that I'd thrown next to the gear shift was still there. I don't think anything was taken. It looked like they were looking for wallets and CDs. Otherwise, why would they have bypassed the change?

I guess when I ran to get some cigs for the mother last night, I neglected to lock up. I'm usually very good about it. In fact, the night before I had locked the car, but inadvertently left my phone inside. If I'd done that last night, but locked it, would they have broken a window to get to it? I don't know. I'm just glad I didn't have to find out.

I'm feeling grateful, but very unnerved. Ours is usually a pretty quiet neighborhood, though I know that nowhere is immune. It's an odd feeling to know that strangers have been pawing through your crap -- even if is just that, crap. It's your crap, ya know? Grimy little bastards. I'd really like to kick their asses.

Now I'm wondering if anything is gone from outside. I hesitate to upset the mother since nothing in the car is missing, but what if my lawnmower is gone? (That might actually be a blessing. I really do need a new one ...) I can't think of anything else outside that might be of any real value to anyone. Especially what appears to be kids scrounging for cash and CDs to trade in or pawn.

What a weird day. And the scary part? It's still very early ...


Anonymous said...

That is such a feeling of violation. I get the same way when movers dump crap all in my house and rifle through my drawers :)

Here's hoping you have a wonderfully productive weekend!

Ty'sMommy said...

Violation. That is exactly the word. I know how you feel! I felt totally exposed when my house was robbed. I'm glad you didn't lose anything, but yeah, still a wierd way to start your day!

MonkeyGirl said...

i hate that feeling! Apparently we are sharing the brain in more ways than one - although this would be one time that I would have been happy to be selfish and keep it all to myself.

StuccoHouse said...

Ugh. That sucks. A few years back I discovered someone was playing with my exterior garage door opener. They finally got it to open, took nothing (well, there was really nothing to take), and left the door open. It still freaks me out a little and I'm a little OCD about checking the garage door now. That does take some guts to get into a car in someone's driveway.

Why S? said...

That does suck. A few years ago, after a couple of car break-ins, we wondered if maybe we shouldn't just leave the doors unlocked rather than pay for new windows.

I hope this is a one-time freak thing for you.

NV said...

Thanks for all the support! It's been a funky day.

V -- I really resent someone coming on my property and doing this. Just rocks your whole sense of comfort.

ty'smom -- Oh, poor you. That happened to us way back in the 80s. The house was for sale THE NEXT DAY!

MG -- Good lord. Yours is so much worse than mine. Just glad Skaterboy is OK.

Stucco -- It has definitely made me check doors multiple times now. AND to make sure that I have my phone, iPod, etc. with me before I exit the car!

Why -- Thanks! I hope that's exactly what is. :-)

Ann said...

Oh, ugh! I hate this feeling of violation bc it just leaves you wondering...