Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mother Hubbard's Cupboard

Remember the old nursery rhyme about that old woman and her bare cupboard? Well, that’s the story at This D*mn House. (Except we do have the bones for the dog. The animals never go without.)

With all the work that’s been going on, we’ve been take-out junkies again so the grocery situation is dire. Luckily, it’s $10 off day at the store so there’s an automatic savings tied in to the trip. You know how I love that in spite of the fact that I HATE the grocery store.

Take-out gets old. Fast food is OK but it’s just the same old same old, ya know? Recently, three new Mexican restaurants have opened up in town. On a whim last night, I tried the middle (in distance from home) of the three. BIG mistake.

We’ve always classified fried flour tortillas as tacos. No corn meal or wimpy soft tacos in this house. The mother can even make them from scratch, though it’s been a very long while. There was a restaurant in town that made a pretty good version of these, but after decades in business they went under a year or so ago.

Let’s just say the new restaurant can’t quite replicate it. In fact, due to the fact that their English isn’t so good, I don’t think they even understood what I was asking for. And while they don’t really have a take-out menu, they were happy to make a to-go order for me.

I’m a good sport though, so I gave them the chance. Unfortunately, the chicken quesadilla I ordered for me wasn’t much better than their sad attempt at tacos. Suffice it to say I won’t be back. They seemed to be doing a brisk business though so it must suit someone’s tastes. I wish them well.

I guess I’ll put taco ingredients on my store list.


Jennifer said...

I've never heard of fried flour tortillas! Do they really "crisp up" like corn tacos?

I'm going to learn to make my own CORN tortillas, personally. But I don't like them crunchy... I'll leave crunchy tortillas to you!

I love Mexican food! There is so much Mexican food here in Colorado... and fresh roasted green chilis and such... I'm spoiled! I can't ever eat Mexican in a state that isn't next to the border (or is Colorado!).

Jayne said...

I'm with you on the take-out. We eat it almost every night at work and it gets really old. And my cupboard's bare, too--since I started ripping off the shingles I've been eating at the pub almost every night and subsisting off bread, eggs and cereal when they're closed. I haven't cooked myself a decet meal in I don't know when.

NV said...

Jennifer -- They sure do! And they're yummy. The trick is that you fry them in Mazola, not regular vegetable oil.

Jayne -- I'm sick of take-out. I've got to get this place in order so we can have something decent to eat. :-)

Ty'sMommy said...

For once, I have to disagree! Well, kind of. The restaurants here where I live S.U.C.K.
BUT! I cook a big meal every night of the week except Saturday because the hubs works construction and needs a solid meal, and where he is working you can't get anywhere to get food at lunch, so its leftovers everyday. Suffice it to say, I really look forward to going out. We can't get take-out either, since we live 20 miles from town. :)

Anonymous said...