Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Thousand Words Is Worth a Picture

If you know anything about me, you know that I love words. So when I saw Vicki’s latest entry at Not So SAHM, I had to try it for myself. (Thanks, V!) It, being Wordle.

This site represents the perfect convergence of words and imagery. (Which, if you know anything more about me, you know I like to take pictures and scrapbook, too, so it’s right up my alley.) Here’s the gist: Either enter a bunch of words or have it scan a Web site for you. Then, it will spit out word imagery like you see here based on the content you fed it or from the site.

You can change its color scheme, orientation, shape, font, lots of cool things. The Wordle creation pictured here, courtesy of, is actually my second try at having it scan This D*mn House. I’m not sure how many entries it read to make this creation. Clearly, the first time around, the feed had not yet picked up this morning’s entry about last night’s bat encounter. As you can see here, lightning, which didn’t appear in my first attempt at all, is featured prominently.

My second attempt also added a few more words I thought would be shoe-ins: rain, mother, and camera.

Some words missing that I thought would have to be there: bricks, porch, and hot. (Walkway was includeded though.) Also, no mention of Ozzie, Toby, dog, or cat. Odd.

And just is the biggest word of all. And it makes a smaller, second appearance. I guess I must say it a lot!

Friends snuck in, smaller than in my first try, but still kept MonkeyGirl and Jayne.

I would seem to be preoccupied with time. It’s there as well as now, today, always, forever, yesterday, past, yet, and Friday. Quantity is another obsession: every, thousands, one, two, single, everything, several, entire, much, and lots.

House got two placements of varying sizes. And I’m pleased that get, can, see, and think got fairly good billing. I’m laughing, too, at how prominently, now, ago, and almost figure in. I think I’ll have to check the blog again at a later date to see what it comes up with then. Could be interesting to compare and contrast. At any rate, I know I’ll be using it again for scrapbook journaling.

It’s a really fun site. Give it a try. If you save it to the gallery, leave me a comment with the URL. I’d love to check it out.


Anonymous said...

And notice it looks like a thumbprint--you're thumbprint!

Jayne said...

Yours does look like a thumbprint! Very cool. Here's the link to mine:

Jayne said...

I had to do another one, with more words. This time your name made it in there, at the top, and Carl's still in there somewhere, too. =)

How did you get the image on your blog??

Chris said...

That's just too darned much fun! Thanks for the link. Now I won't get anything done all morning! Here's mine:

Love your blog, too. I get a lot of projects done at home as well, but many of mine involve paying the handyman neighbor. I'm primarily the painter.

Corey said...

Very cool!

MonkeyGirl said...

I feel so vain! I noticed that not only Monkeygirl showed up but also Chirping and Monkey! I also want to know how you got that imported into your blog. I tried last night and it never uploaded :-(

NV said...

Vicki -- Yes it does! That is COOL. I love this thing even more now.

Jayne -- Loved yours! Saw my presence and smiled when I saw Carl.

Chris -- THANK YOU! I felt like I went on a European vacation. So cool. Glad you're enjoying the blog. I'll have to return the visit!

Corey -- I'm sure you got an interesting creation ...

MG -- Yep! Grinned when I saw that. Can't you see some cool stuff for scrapbooking in this?!

Anonymous said...