Sunday, August 10, 2008

Must. Get. Going.

Mother Nature is keeping her part of the bargain. It’s yet another bright, sunshiny day. (That’s three, count ‘em three) CONSECUTIVE days like this. And I’m grateful. But I’m having a hard time holding up my end of the deal – literally. My butt feels like it’s draggin’ the ground.

I worked until dark last night and was finally able to put gravel down! It was an exciting accomplishment after days and days of nothing but dirt. Of course, this is only the first third of the walkway. I'm tackling it a third at a time. I figure it will be easier this way to handle both supplies and access if the walkway appears a little at a time rather than keep it all torn up and completely covered until I can start bricking the whole thing.

I had a rare night of having the house all to myself last night. The mother went to a reunion. I guess as you approach 70, you can’t wait 10 or even five years to get together, so they do this every year.

It was a nice change of pace. I pay for ultra cable each month but rarely watch much of it so I tried to get some of my money’s worth last night. I started out watching Gone Baby Gone, directed by Ben Affleck. It’s based on the book by Dennis Lehane (whom I adore) and features Patrick and Angela, his two detectives who recur in a number of his books. I’ve always had a picture in my mind’s eye of Patrick (and had a crush on him.) But Ben’s casting of baby brother Casey – who looks 12 –to play this role ruined it for me. I didn’t make it past the first 15 minutes. So the night quickly descended into a “chick flick” night with me opting for “The Jane Austen Book Club.” Predictable, but enjoyable romantic comedy with lots and lots of references to an author whom I adore.

After that, I happened upon Evening. This was a movie I had wanted to see, then forgot about. I liked it, though I missed the first 10 minutes.

I need to eat something, take some Tylenol and get on the road to the hardware store for supplies. By the time I do that and get back and unload, the dump will be open and I can transport some of this dirt and the rest of the weeds. (And, it’s time to mow again. Already. God, I hate yard work!)

Now all I need to do is convince my body that it’s time to go.


Jayne said...

I absolutely DETEST mowing the yard, so now that my son's moved out I pay someone to mow it. Breaks my rule of not paying someone for something I can do myself, but in this instance it's worth it. On a different note, I've watched "Evening" a couple of times. What a good movie. (And I agree with you about Casey, too!)

Why S? said...

You got the fence done. Maybe you can give yourself a break and enjoy the bright, sunshiny day. It's tempting to stay on a roll and I know you want to keep going, but maybe your body's telling you something? Don't hurt yourself.

NV said...

Jayne -- If I have my way, this is my LAST summer of it. There should be enough done around here that I can easily afford to have someone come in at least twice a month to mow and edge. I need to see Evening again, from the beginning. Glad I'm not alone in my assessment of the junior Mr. Affleck! I've been trying to think of just who I'D cast in that role.

Why -- Thanks for the concern! I HAD to do something today -- it was too gorgeous and Mother Nature has been so iffy this year. Also, FALL is comin' fast. I knocked off by 5:30 though to get in some downtime.

Ann said...

Ooo, I like all 3 movies. Luckily, I could tolerate Casey bc I hadn't read the book. The JA movie was light and cute. And Evening was kind of ethereal and interesting - and I love the actors/actresses in that movie.

NV said...

Ann -- I thought you would like JA when I saw it. And I'm sure GBG was a good movie ... I just couldn't get past my vision of the character.

Anonymous said...