Sunday, August 31, 2008

Too Tired To Tap Dance

I've waited for this day for weeks ... and now that it's here, I'm too tired to tap dance.

In short -- or in long, as happens to be the case with the walkway project -- the damn thing is DONE!!! I didn't get to do my long awaited tap dance ... yet. I didn't get the last bricks in place until after 5 (and a frantic trip uptown to Ace for more mortar). By the time I got the joints filled and the bricks watered down, it was nearly 7.

And of course during those two hours there were visits from ALL the neighbors. Both on each side, and even the two across the street. Oh, and I neglect to mention that the mother started cleaning out the shed this afternoon. That occasionally slowed me since I went and helped heft the heavy stuff. And it also uncovered more of a project than I expected as if the shed is going to survive another season or two, it needs some serious love. I guess that's on tomorrow's roster.

So, it was long after dark before I got back in the house.

And I'm sorry to report -- and equally sorry to disappoint -- but no pictures. By the time I'd have had a chance to even get the camera, the sun was already down and the last of the light was fading fast. With the walkway still drying, I also have my sawhorses at the already dry part and at the still-drying end to keep any wandering feet away.

But you know, in the morning, the walkway should be dry. And assuming that I can get out of bed, I owe myself a tapdance.


MonkeyGirl said...

Put on those boogie shoes and dance! Yeah- I know it must feel great to be able to cross one project off your list!

Why S? said...

Will you be wearing ruby red tap shoes?

Jayne said...

Hooray!! You should be really proud of yourself. That's quite an accomplishment. Again, can't wait to see the photos!

Anonymous said...

WOOO!!! CONGRATS!!! I am so happy for you and your sidewalk and am COMPLETELY impressed with you. Great job :)

Chris said...

Save your energy - I'll tap dance for you! Congrats on finishing the job!

CD said...

Looks awesome. Take a day off and enjoy it.

Ann said...

You so need to get RIP ROARING drunk!

NV said...

THANK YOU, everyone! It's been a very exciting 48 hours. People are literally STOPPING in front of the house!

MG -- You know I can't dance. But buddy, can I happily cross this off the list!

Why -- Good idea. Might detract attention from the fact that I can't dance. :-)

Jayne -- Thanks!It even looks a little better today as the driveway got edged. (But that's for another post ...)

Jen -- Thanks. You've had your share of undertakings, too, so I take that compliment highly.

Chris -- Aw thanks, Chris! All I really need now is someone to carry me around the house. :-)

CD -- Can I lay face down in the gutter NOW?!

Ann -- You are so right. Or as CD says, "Sometimes you owe it to yourself to lay face down in the gutter." I would say this project qualifies for that distinction.

SmilingJudy said...

I'm behind...but YAY! Congratulations!!! And I know exactly how you feel about it taking so frikken long! I bricked over a simple stoop (no huge walkway for me). I couldn't believe how LOOOOONG it took for something that seemed like it should be such a quick and easy thing.

So happy for you that it's finished!