Friday, August 8, 2008

As If I Could

I get a daily horoscope via email just for fun. Today's edition made me laugh:
This would be a good day to stay home and spend much of the day in bed, NV! You have been working especially hard lately, juggling both home and work with your usual aplomb. But today you may be feeling a bit worn out and overwhelmed by all that remains to be done. Give yourself a day of rest. Spend the day with a good book or some romantic videos. You will find this solitary time refreshing.

Startlingly accurate, though completely impossible to heed even though technically this is a vacation day. I did get almost seven hours of sleep (about 30 percent more than normal) but Lawrence will be here soon. Today's plan: finish the fence and cut the boards for the porch rail. I'm hoping that we might also put the posts in for it today, but we'll see.

I've got my drill charged and plenty of water in the fridge, plus a few damp rags in the freezer. It's supposed to be a super nice day weatherwise. I'm thrilled. Besides, I think I'm owed a few of those. In fact, it's forecast currently to be nice ALL WEEKEND. This I gotta see to believe. But I can hope, right?

I'm going to try again to post yesterday's doomed "pretty picture." While only a few of them are still alive, my assistant surprised me with these last week as we didn't have an office birthday gathering 'til the other day.

So ... here I go. Off to feed pets and then grab breakfast to feed people. And to caffeinate. Must supercharge to get things done today! Wish me luck.


MonkeyGirl said...

Good luck! It looks like a glorious day so have fun in your "solitary refreshment" time!

Anonymous said...

May you have abundant sunshine, a cool breeze and enough caffein to give a horse the shakes (which would be Ashlyn on any given day).

Ann said...

GOOD luck! I hope all goes well, that you stay cool, and that ALL DIGITS stay intact!!!!!

NV said...

Thanks, ladies! Your thoughts -- and Lawrence's uncanny way with the weather -- made it a perfect day!

V -- I think I may have been channeling Ashlyn at some point.

Anonymous said...