Saturday, August 2, 2008

Losing My List

Do you make lists? Reading posts from dozens of blogs, I get the feeling that we all make 'em. I do, too, just not for house tasks. Mine are either usually for work or are a multi-dimensional grocery/household/hardware list, separated by store, of things to pick up.

The problem with these shopping lists? I lose them as many times as I use them. Last night was no exception. It was a Home Depot/Lowe's/Kohl's/Wal-Mart night. (I'd already done the grocery bit for a few days.) I had the list at both of the hardware stores, got everything on them. Got to Wal-mart and NO list. Of course, this was the stop with the most items to get, too.

I was actually carrying a purse (I usually travel much lighter) and shorts with pockets and it was nowhere to be found. That was unusual. But considering that I was hot and tired, I wrote it off.

"Why do you bother to write them?" chided the mother. "You always lose them." Yeah, oh well.

The worst part is that the Wal-mart store is a wreck right now, in the throes of remodeling. Normally, I could go through and get what I need in 5 minutes or less, using the orderly system of what things are in what rows. Not last night. So, it really taxed my brain.

Once everything was loaded in the car, the mother reached in her purse to hand me her Shuffle and what did she hand me instead? MY FREAKIN' LIST. She quickly 'fessed up: "You gave it to me to get the paint. I forgot." I had carefully written down the recipe for the Behr paint we needed since the label would not come off the can. I'd put this on the back of my list and given it to her an hour or two before.

At least I didn't lose it. Maybe I'm getting better. Here's the amazing part. I checked the list and had everything on it. Take that, aging addled brain!!!

The sun is out and it's already heating up. The weatherman just said "cooler." Dude, that's a relative term. It's going to be a whole degree cooler, but the heat index (which was 100 to 105 yesterday) should stay at 90-95 today. I know. No sympathy from you folks in the southwest. And I wouldn't even care, 'cept outdoors is my next destination. And that gravel? I HOPE to be ankle-high in it by this afternoon.

Wish me luck...


Ty'sMommy said...

Lists??? Oh hell, ask my husband about my lists. I'm just a bit OCD about it. I have lists for everything, and I always forget to take them to the store, too. What ever will we do with ourselves? The list for this weekend is HUGE.

Ann said...

I cannot LIVE without my list - which I keep in my purse. It's on an index card - and has a few longer term (ie 3 weeks) things on it. Then, I have the tiny post its on it for shorter term things. CRAZY. I have a whole system on this little card.

NV said...

I guess I got skipped on that gene. (The mother has it though.)
They really are great to have if I can remember what I did with them!