Friday, August 1, 2008

If I Had a Hammer

Well, I no longer have to say “if I had one.” Yesterday, my Fuller 600-8016 Pro Wavex 16-Ounce Shock-Absorbing Claw Hammer arrived from (And you thought I just loved power tools!)

I noted in a previous post that I’ve been using an over 30-year-old Stanley hammer. It has seen better days. A “back-up” model is even older, the head being loosely held in place with a screw. And I use a hammer quite a lot on all kinds of jobs. (Like smashing the edges of the foundation on the porch flat.)

I did get a hammer as part of the kit that came with the cordless drill I got for my birthday, but it’s pretty lightweight. I mean, it will be great for some things, but completely incapable of holding up to others. That’s why I got this new one. The mother says that it’s “awful heavy.” Uh, mom, it weighs a pound!

Even so, it’s a pretty sturdy little devil. It has a really nice cushioned handle grip – no wood to splinter or slip from a wet palm. One thing I am anxious to try out: it has a nail-starter built into the head. So, you lay the nail in the groove and just swing the hammer – no chance that you’ll bust your thumb or index finger while holding the nail to get it started!

I think I got a good deal at just over $8, especially considering that today, the same hammer is now priced at $10.07.

It arrived in one of those flat, rectangular boxes, about 10x14 size. That in itself was a bonus. Immediate cat toy. Toby, who has never shown a penchant for bags or boxes, actually got in it! Mom threw some mice and bell balls inside it and he was occupied for the next hour or so. You can’t beat that!


Gene said...

*drool* Nice-looking hammer. The nail starter-thingy takes some practice to get used to (or fairly soft wood), but I've seen people use it occasionally for that extra reach.

Go Toby! Our cats love boxes and bags.

Anonymous said...

Even though it's got that newfangled nail starter please watch out for the midigit.

NV said...

Thanks, Gene. I think it will be a great addition to my growing family of tools. And Toby ... who knew? He may be more "normal" than I thought -- but I doubt it. :-)

V -- Spoken like a true mom. My own mother: You'll still find a way to get hurt with it.

Gene said...

All cats are weird. If there was a cat that was 'normal'...that would be weird :-)

Ty'sMommy said...

Ooooo, cool! I'm a fool for a new tool. Yep,the Dude-mesiter would have had his furry butt in that box in a flat nano-second.

Anonymous said...