Monday, August 18, 2008

Vacation Daze

Before Lawrence left on Saturday, we tentatively made plans for him to return on Friday. Then Mother Nature forced my hand. (She’s still in a really good mood. I guess to make up for all that horrible spring and early summer weather. If I could bottle the weather of the past week – instant billionaire!)

The weathercasters are still saying dry Tuesday and Wednesday with increasing chances for rain later in the week. So, I decided to see just how many days off I could wangle this week. I knew I needed one at week’s end for Lawrence. Could I score a few others? I asked.

Bingo! While I had to make a few side deals, such as staffing a call tomorrow morning and completing a few other assorted tidbits, I got Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off. So, I’m back in the pit ‘til Friday. Here’s hoping I can build on yesterday’s progress!

That means that my evening is shaping up like this. First, I have to stop and get a new blinker bulb at Auto Zone. Ole Ladybird blew another one last night. And unless by some divine providence I put the spare from a few months ago in the glovebox, I need to buy more. Then, I’m off to buy more gravel. If I can find someone to do it, I’ll even have them load it.

And while I’m at it, I may visit my friends at 54th Street Grill. Hey, if I’m gonna be working like a Herculean athlete, why shouldn’t I eat like one? Ann actually said it much more eloquently in a recent comment: I'm thinking of all those Olympians right now and their physical activity, eating 10,000 calories a day. I swear to god, this house stuff should be a competitive event - you moved a 1/2 ton of crap today! If that isn't gold-medal worthy, what is? The frickin' javelin?

I’ve gotten no further updates on the tree beyond a call around noon from a disgruntled mother. The guy was there, but it didn’t sound like it was going too well. So, there may well be a tree in my yard still when I get home. I guess I’ll find out ….


Vicki @ said...

I want your job. I want a couple of days off where I can tend to things around the house!

MonkeyGirl said...

Today must have been the day to wrangle vacation days. I sent a guilt laden message to my boss today requesting one measly week of vacation. We shall see if my guilt trip worked - wish me luck!

And good luck on the sidewalk - the force is strong and the brain is yours!

NV said...

V -- It always looks greener ... but looks can be deceiving.

MG -- You probably have an obscene number of days left, too, if I know you! Good luck. Thanks for your wishes and the brain. I need the brain to finish working for the job that V. wants. (Polishing a piece and then jumping on a call later before I head out to the trenches.)

Ann said...

So didja eat the 10,000 cals? I SWEAR, you burn it, girl. I swear!

Anonymous said...