Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My New Helper

Good help can be hard to find. Especially ones that bring along their own tools! It would appear that I have a new little helper.

Sorry. Couldn't help sharing this as this is how I was greeted at home last night. (It was in his mouth at the time, but Ozzie wouldn't keep it there for a photo, the little twerp!)

Of course this sent both the mother and I into fits of '80s memories and we started singing "Hammer time." C'mon you know you know it. That Rick James Superfreak synthesizer riff stolen, er borrowed, by M.C. Hammer, followed by: "Can't touch this." It was one of those all too rare light-hearted moments involving almost the entire family. (No Tigger due to his anti-social disorder).

During which Ozzie would alternately look at the mother and then me as if to say, "WHAT?!" Then, of course, there was the total look of disdain from Toby the Cat as if to say: "Humans."

I think what is missing here is the "Will Work for Bonies" sign. (Bonies being the word used for his treats from Three Dog Bakery.)


MonkeyGirl said...

Maybe you can have the mother train Ozzie to fetch bricks so that he can help you finish the sidewalk! What a cutie! Give the little man a kiss for me!

Vicki @ notsosahm.wordpress.com said...

He looks like an efficient foreman. I know I'd do whatever he told me to do, especially carrying around that weapon.

NV said...

MG -- I gave him a kiss from his friend and the barking ensued at the mention of your name! :-)

V -- It wouldn't be out of fear. He's just too adorable that I can't help but be a pushover.

Ann said...

Oh OZZIE! LOVE THIS! Could there BE any more perfect toy for YOUR dog??? This is kismet.

NV said...

Ann -- I know! And he greeted me with it AGAIN last night. I wish I could have gotten a shot of him carrying it. It's too funny.