Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just Disgusted

It’s a bright, sunshiny day and my bricks await me. I welcome their comfort.
The mother has become a militant in light of yesterday’s events. God help anyone who gets into This D*mn House uninvited.

Last night, she was pacing, chain-smoking, and on some kind of guard duty. (She was out “patrolling” shortly before I turned in at midnight.) Every window is open, the shades rolled to the top. Last night, the lights were so bright I almost feel like I need shades. The car is parked out front, in full view of two windows. I have to move it so I can work on my walkway.

It’s highly irregular. It’s never this way – except for the chain-smoking. It’s been very frustrating because the police don’t care. Even the neighbors don’t seem to care. They will though, if it happens to them.

Unfortunately, that’s not even the worst of it. I feel lucky and grateful. No one was hurt. Nothing was taken, nor was anything really damaged. (One cassette and some paperwork were thrown in the yard as the thugs departed.)

Meanwhile, not 15 miles away, and roughly 8 or so hours before this was going on at my house, my MEF MonkeyGirl was dealing with the aftermath of her stepson having been robbed at gunpoint. He was walking home from a local park at dusk. Luckily, he was OK. (A young girl was shot in a similar incident about a month ago in this general area.)

I know some of you housebloggers know exactly what I'm experiencing as your homes were robbed. (That happened at our old house in 1985. The house went on the market the next day.) This time, nothing was really done at my house except having our security and well-being shaken. But that’s enough to p*ss me off.

Yesterday, I was unnerved. Today, I’m mad.

It makes me madder that in both cases, these are kids. Kids. Like MonkeyGirl, I’m wondering where in the hell are the parents and what kind of values are they instilling – or not – in them? I know kids do all kinds of things they aren’t supposed to and it’s a contest sometimes to see just how much you can get away with. I was one once and I did my share of things I shouldn’t have. But nothing like this.

I’m hoping that this was just an isolated incident, and whomever it was saw there was nothing here to their liking and have moved on.

I’m sincerely hoping that, as the Bible says, “ This too, shall pass.”


Gene said...

Ugh. Or as Star would say, "Mrrah!" I'm glad you're OK, but it still leaves an unpleasant feeling.

MonkeyGirl said...

Those bad kids obviously don't know who they are messing with. The Mother is not one to cross, they will be sorry!

Kathy said...

Hello, Found you through Blog around the World. Awh, remodeling - started doing that a year a go. Got 5 rooms done now I'm waiting for the old pocket to catch up before I start my next project, which involves removing wall paper - yuk. So sorry for your recent misfortunes. Here is a hug for you, and a pat on the back.

Anonymous said...

We have been having lots of vandalism in our area lately and have been told it's kids as well...very frustrating. Someone broke out my rear window on Valentine's Day this year. I heart teenagers...

NV said...

Thanks, Gene. It sure does!

MG -- Yup. The mother will definitely come and kick their butts.

Kathy -- Thanks, Kathy. And welcome. Sounds like you've been busy, too. I'm just very grateful it was no worse than it was.

kspin -- That's AWFUL! That's the very kind of thing I'm so glad didn't happen here, but makes me uneasy because it could've.

Ann said...

I am so glad everyone was okay, how terrifying!

Anonymous said...