Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Home Stretch

There's nothing to go out on the walkway and uncover this morning. I threw the plastic away yesterday! While I didn't get finished, I'm in the home stretch.

I didn't get as many bricks down as I would have liked but even as slow as I was moving (the week at work caught up with me and I was seriously short on steam), I forged ahead. This is all that's left! And ALL of the digging that I loathe so much is done. I have a single landscape form to cut and put in place and I've already started to put down rock.

I actually ran out of rock -- again. I swear to God there's a quarry out there! So after mowing the front yard, unloading 10 bags at the dump and grabbing a much-needed shower, I went to The Home Depot. Can you believe these people?! They had the 50-pound bags of gravel on an OVERHEAD shelf! Not sure how I managed it, but I got down what I needed and got it home. It's still in the car trunk waiting to be unloaded.

The mother stewed all day yesterday, but seemed a bit calmer last night. She was even picking on me as I relayed my plans to: 1) mow and visit the dump, 2)finish digging out the last third, 3)cut and get the landscape forms in place, 4) lay down rock and finally, 5) get down as many bricks as I could. (I had finally admitted to myself around 4 yesterday that I wouldn't get finished.)

After I relayed my list of planned activity, she says: "So when's the funeral?" When I was still toiling away at 7:30 last night, she was running around putting things away and cleaning stuff up. I had hoped to have the landscape form cut last night, but didn't make it so I literally was outside until dark. "It's time to quit," she bellowed from the front door.

Yes. It. Is. Today is it, I tell you. Today. This project ends today. I've had it and it needs to be over. So, look out walkway. There will be tap dancin' yet ...


CD said...

As I was dropping the teenager off at yet another social function.........I passed Lowe's last night and thought about calling you. My message was going to jokingly be "need me to pick up some gravel and swing it by"? Guess I should have called. Good Luck and Congrats! Take tomm off and enjoy your masterpiece.

Why S? said...

It sounds like you nearly had a tidy lawsuit against HD. But then, I whine when I need a 1 gallon water from the top shelf.

Looking forward to seeing your "Ta-Dah!" picture.

Dee said...

NV, do you have black landscape plastic under that gravel? Kinda looks like in this photo. Just curious. ~KayO, or Dee, or some other letter of the alphabet

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I visit your blog but wow you have sure accomplished a lot. Way to go.

Jayne said...

You're almost there! Can't wait to see the finished walkway.

NV said...

CD -- You're too funny. And so sweet to think of me. I only wish that when I ent to get the gravel Friday night, I'd have not only thrown in the extra bag of sand I bought, but thrown in a bag of mortar for good measure.

Why -- Yeah, I thought I had a real gravelanche stirring for a second but I got it under control. Hang with me on the photo ... taking one in the morning.

Dee -- No. I didn't put any down, though I probably should have. I use clear stuff, 3.5mil thick. Good stuff. That stuff they sell you as landscape weed guard is crap. I had weeds grow right through it.

Debateur -- Thank you! And thanks for stopping by. :-)

Jayne -- I KNOW! Putting down those last bricks was surreal. Photos tomorrow!

Anonymous said...