Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The mother is a painting fool! Since yesterday, she has painted:

  • Four 4x4 posts
  • Finials for each of the 4x4 posts
  • Roughly 34 linear feet of handrailing
  • 24 spindles
This was all virgin wood, so she’s done each piece twice. She even painted into the night after we carried all of this in to the family room. (Just in case it rained.) Now the family room, in addition to already looking like a warehouse, now smells like a paint factory. All this stuff needs to be ready to go for Saturday when Lawrence will come to assemble and install it.

This tally doesn’t include the old posts (that she made me salvage from the old rail) a bunch of decorative pieces , and a 24-inch round wood piece that sits atop the air conditioner each winter.

I’m afraid to stand still in front of her – she might slap a coat on me!

Luckily, Mother Nature held out for a fifth consecutive day – FIVE WHOLE DAYS – with no rain except for a spritz on Sunday. (It wasn’t even enough to consider it a shower.) They’re saying there’s only a slight chance for rain today which would make it SIX days.

Soon, the mother will be ready to start painting around the foundation of the house. That means I have bricks to move. UGH. I had planned to have them out of the way and actually in the walkway by now, but as you know, that just hasn't happened --yet.

I guess we’ll just have to see how far I get this weekend, when they are predicting rain again.


Anonymous said...

I should have never started reading your blog! I have had house projects on the brain constantly since I started, and I DO NOT have time for them yet! :)

Glad everything is coming along though! Good job mother!

Gene said...

I’m afraid to stand still in front of her – she might slap a coat on me!

It's a mom thing..."you look cold -- put on a coat!" :-)

Jennifer said...

Wow! Can you send her over here? I have some painting that needs done!

MonkeyGirl said...

Gene has no clue how much he made me laugh right now since that is the exact lecture NV and I get every time we leave her d*mn house!

NV said...

kspin -- Well, I'm GLAD you did anyway. :-)

Gene -- You cracked me up. MG got here first but she and I had the same thought. You have absolutely NO idea how prophetic a statement that was.

Jennifer -- She would smack me. She is b*tching about getting this stuff done. :-)

MG -- I had the same thought and couldn't wait for you to see this!

Ann said...

Gawd - NOW I know where you get some of this from! As for the rain, could you please spare a DRIP?

NV said...

Ann -- I know. It's genetic.
RAIN, go see Ann since you've been downgraded for the weekend here. (YAY!)