Monday, August 11, 2008

Random Observations

Mother Nature continues to smile. I continue to shake my head in utter disbelief. Somebody MUST have slipped this girl a few Prozacs! Talk about a change in the weather … this is DAY FOUR of glorious, sunny, warm (but not roast-you-alive hot) weather. Four. In a row.

She’s either stoned or in love. Crazy. But whatever the reason, I just hope it holds out.

Sadly, I spent the day in an office so I was unable to enjoy the weather (except from my window) or to make any progress on the walkway. I have stops to make on the way home tonight so I’m not sure if I’ll be going out to try and do anything or not. Especially considering that it may rain tomorrow which would mean I’d have to cover it all back up again. Blehh!


The Dremel tool I bought for Ozzie’s nails is officially a keeper. Not only is he getting better about it, which means that his nails are starting to become more of what they should be, I’ve already found alternate uses for it! And you know how I love multi-functional … I bought this sanding accessory kit at The Home Depot the other night, only to find it at Wal-Mart an hour later for a dollar less.

The mother is now able to use it for light sanding of some of the many pieces of wood she’s painting. It’s small, lightweight, cordless and only has three settings. It’s perfect for her. I invested in two new sets of rechargeable batteries to keep it humming.

We’ll have to see, but this little gadget may also debut at Pumpkins and Powertools this year, an astute observation shared by Mr. MonkeyGirl.


Mean Old Man walked by last night. He’s getting braver as he is walking on my side of the street again. I caught him surveying the progress as he turned the corner. We’ll just see what he has to say once those bricks start appearing again …


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the dremmel update. I just bought it :) This is the one on Amazon, right?

I hope it makes Pi and K happy. They hate when I bring out the snips.

NV said...

Jen -- That's the very one! I hope you have good luck with it. I turned it on and laid it on the floor (without the drum on it) and Ozzie hesitantly approached it. After a while, he started wanting to PLAY with it and was barking at it. Now I can't keep him from trying to sniff it while it's running. Silly thing!

Ann said...

Seriously, I may have to try this. Marcel could care LESS if you're trimming. Wylie, may as well cut off the whole paw as far as he's concerned. Thanks for the update.

NV said...

Ann -- Hope you get good results I'm happy with it for how it has worked on Ozzie. I can now report that it does a good job for light sanding jobs as well! :-)

Anonymous said...