Monday, August 25, 2008

Personal Hell

If Hell is personalized for each one of us, my neighbor across the street owns the soundtrack to mine.

Otherwise rarely seen, and almost never heard (except for the tiny black dog they let out every few hours), the neighbors who bought my great aunt and uncle’s house made themselves known the past few weeks.

From their garage, which was wide open, country music came blasting through and across all four lanes of the roadway. (Sorry to offend any country fans. It’s just not my thing.) I don’t even listen to music I like when I’m working. Except for the din of occasional traffic, I’m used to quiet when I’m outside working. It gives me a good chance to think, too. But I can’t do that when country music is assaulting my nervous system.

And not the country of today, some of which is moderate to mainstream. I’m talking 40, 50, nearly 60 years ago stuff. Lots of people I couldn’t name, each song getting increasingly more twangy and yodelly (think Slim Whitman), it appeared to be a collection of some kind. (I suspect it may be an album or CD out of this set, though I heard no Patsy Cline, whom I happen to like.)

The final straw was the Wal-Mart song: “Please help me I’m faaaaaallllin’ in love with yewwwwwww …”

To which the mother and I looked at one another and just started laughing. Carole doesn’t like country either. Perhaps it’s genetic.

“This must be what Hell is like,” quipped the mother.

Yeah, only hotter. And with no icecream.


MonkeyGirl said...

I thought it was bad when my neighbor cranked up the Big Bang tunes. I'm so sorry - I suggest earplugs for peace and quiet!

Jayne said...

Oh my gosh, that would drive me crazy! My previous partner at work liked the really old country stuff and EVERY morning he'd turn on the classic country XM channel on the tv for the last couple hours of the shift. Just what I wanted to hear after being awake all night. No amount of my pleading would get him to change the channel. I changed shifts!

Jennifer said...

But the old stuff is the only stuff that's any good! The new country crap is just rock music repackaged. I don't listen to it all the time, or actually much at all, but it's great stuff!

My neighbor down the street cranks heavy metal at times... we are usually amused. We are NOT amused by the Top 40 coming from my other neighbor's pool every day for 8 hours during the summer...YUCK! I hate top forty.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know I am not alone.. Neighbors on both sides have outdoor speaker systems. One is more thoughtful about the sound but the other starts playing music the minute the weather breaks and wait until the first hard freeze to turn it off. I have walked over to his house many a day to find noone outside and the speakers blaring loudly. I learned where the volume knob was and turned it right off. I have had to call him some nights and ask .." are you outside?" the answer is no " well your music is" He doesn't seem to get the hint..

Ann said...

You know how I feel about country? The same way I do when my dog has just eaten his own poop and has just come to lick my mouth. Like that.

Country can kiss my ass, man.

[Patsy, Cash and some others exempt, of course]

NV said...

OK -- All you guys are crackin' me up. Good to know that I'm in such good company!

Sorry, Jennifer. Just can't take the "old" country. I guess it would get really boring though if we all liked the same thing. :-)

I'm Just a Girl said...

I'll confess...I used to be a country music junkie. There, I've said it. Does anyone know where the nearest country music junkie support group is?????

BPOTW said...

I do listen to country every once in a while. But only the current stuff. I'd rather gag on grass clippings before listening to the old stuff.

So sorry for you!

NV said...

JustaGirl -- It's OK. Just as long as you don't blast me with it. :-)

BPOTW -- Even I have softened to some of the stuff and I do love me some Patsy Cline. But I've never considered that country.

Why S? said...

In my 'hood, I get to hear Mexican Ranchera music. It's like Latino polka. And I'm no fan of country (but that song, I kinda like - "don't let me walk through.")

I too, prefer to work in silence, hearing my own thoughts.

NV said...

Why -- Yup. Quiet is my preferred working soundtrack, though sometimes some good tunes are nice. :-)

Anonymous said...