Wednesday, July 15, 2009

After the All Stars

I awoke ahead of the alarm to a driving rain. It beat against the roof and windows like a crazy person trying to get in. I’m glad it wasn’t like this yesterday. While it was cloudy almost all day and rain was all the time threatened, none fell.

I watched almost all of the All Star Game last night. I made it home with dinner in just enough to catch the pre-game ceremonies. I think they did a really great job.

It’s fun to watch somewhere I see every day on television -- I even glimpsed a few familiar faces in the crowd!. And I have to say, St. Louis does cut quite the impressive picture. I’m just glad I wasn’t down there in the middle of all the bedlam both before and after. I think the All Stars definitely showed St. Louis as a great place to have an event.

Of course all of the people who had parked on Broadway (some local, several out-of-state) who emerged to find a parking ticket on their windshield are probably going to have a bad taste in their mouth about the city this morning. I can’t blame them. I passed the metermaid who was writing them as I walked to the train last night.

I made it on the first train I tried for, but just barely. I squeaked inside an end door at the last second. That train was really jammed. (Think sardine.) By the time it got through the first few stops though, it had emptied out quite a bit. It was no fuller than it had been yesterday morning.
I’m glad I grabbed my rain jacket at the last minute today.

This bus is freeeeezing. (It is muggy out, thanks to the rain, but it’s only 70. NOT 90 as you’d surely think it must be if you felt the temperature on here. Not to mention that I’m a little soaked.) You could safely store meat on this thing.

I contemplated driving to the depot today but opted against it. Just didn’t feel like driving in this gunk. Besides, I think Ladybird had enough of an adventure yesterday to last her for the week.