Monday, July 6, 2009

A Final Plea

I know I’ve mentioned this before but MaggieDammit’s site, Violence UnSilenced, is up for an award – and running a hard fought battle that ends TODAY. So, I’ll ask for your help one final time. You can vote for it as Most Inspiring Blog by clicking here.

Maggie is not one to tell you how completely absorbing this blog is to establish, manage, and maintain. It takes a lot both emotionally and physically. And, as anyone who has ever blogged on a regular basis, it takes time and effort – a lot of both if you’re dedicated to it, as Maggie clearly is.

I can tell you firsthand what a game-changing experience that blog has been for me and I know for others, too. The hope is that by bringing some much deserved recognition to the site during the BlogHer conference later this month, even more people will hear about it, read it, and maybe get the encouragement they need to get out of an abusive situation.

So, please, check out the BlogLuxe awards and use your vote to tell Maggie what a great job she’s done in “birthing” this site, and to tell all of its contributors that their experiences matter.