Friday, July 24, 2009

Toothpicks and Cuteness

They wouldn't seem to go together -- unless there's a baby in the house. Not to mention a baby with an extremely jealous sibling!

We had our first night with everyone sleeping on the same floor. The trouble is no one was sleeping. (The baby cat got bathed and deflea-ed so no longer relegated to laundry room. Still segregated, however, in carrier, 'til he can get checked out.)

Let's just say that Toby is not amused. He stares at the carrier. He occasionally hisses and growls. And when we have the baby out in the kitchen -- with the doorway blocked by boxes and buckets -- his head keeps appearing over the top as if he has a spring in his butt! This is going to be a long and painful transition I fear.

The toothpicks are for me. To keep my eyes open. The cuteness ... well, this should clear that up.

He, we're relatively certain it's a he, seems to be growing in front of our eyes. He's eatin' like a little pig! We're going to try some kitten chow this weekend, watered down with the substitute milk.

And the poor thing. I guess during his pre-rescue, he had cried so loud, so long and for so much that he's now hoarse! He sounds a lot like Froggy from The Little Rascals when he mews or cries these days.

Some of the most fun though has been watching him play with toys. He is thoroughly fascinated by them. And just in the past few days he has gotten sure enough of his own footing to pounce on things. It's hilarious.

Sometimes he doesn't quite keep his balance and goes toppling over with the toy.

His favorite so far is this ball and another gold one. Both have bells inside. He loves to jettison them into something and then chase them on the bounce.

Last night, he discovered mice for the first time.

And this poor thing ... this is the mouse that is nearly as big as him that we stuck in the carrier with him on the very first night so he'd have a "companion." Looks like it has been a good surrogate sibling, no? Fierce little predator!


Ty'sMommy said...

Awwww he really is adorable, NV!

Vicki said...

I need to stare at these cute pics for the next eight days. They may keep my spirits up :)

Debbie said...

So very cute! Makes me almost want a kitty. lol

NV said...

Ty'smom -- thanks! We think he is.

V -- I hope so. He is SO cute. Hang in there! august is coming ...

Debbie -- Thanks! God knows you'll have space for one now. :-)

Liz said...

That kitty gets cuter and cuter with each picture you take!

NV said...

Liz -- Thanks! He is adorable but growin' like a weed!

Anonymous said...