Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Small Rant

The lot at the bus depot was practically full this morning. That’s a sure sign that the senior citizens did a field trip today. They regularly meet at the transit district’s lot to take off on their little adventures. I'm really not opposed to these activities. Generally, I think they're great. It's just today, their sense of timing really bites it! New rule: Take the seniors bowling (or whatever) on weekends.

To make matters worse, it was raining. To make matters even worse, Weird (of the Brothers Weird, whom I now think is actually stranger than his twin, Weirder) has a driver’s license. Is this not proof that Illinois will give a license to absolutely anyone?

He was parked in an end spot and next to one of the only available spaces on the lot. Even though he had at least a foot of clearance on his driver’s side, his back passenger tire was planted firmly along the line separating it from the vacant space. It took some careful navigation on my part to squeeze between the idiot’s car and fellow bus-rider Paula’s muscliin’ lime green Mustang. But I managed it. New rule: Idiots can't have end spots.

The bus itself is like a refrigerator car. Great combination with my half-damp self. Ice may form! Let’s hope I don’t start my vacation days off with a cold! And, to add a cherry to the icing that is already the cake of this morning: Weird is at the front of the bus, regularly turning around to stare at me. Grrrrrr! New rule: The temperature of the bus cannot be more than 15 degrees below or above the outside temperature except during winter months.

The rest of the day can only get better, right?


Debbie said...

Oh, I hate it when idiots don't park in between lines correctly!! I bought a brand new SUV in March and I park FAR away from other cars, and walk just because I don't want stupid people scratching my expensive new vehicle. Unfortunately, it already has several from people who don't know how to stay in their lines. grrr

Hope your day gets better!

Why S? said...

No, don't take the seniors out on the weekends! That's the only time that people with jobs can get out and do things so on top of the normal weekend crowds, there should be seniors out and about too? Just find them a different place to park and let the bus pick them up off site.

I hope you've warmed up by now.

plumbelieve said...

New Rule: Stay the heck out of NV's way or she just may become "un-rule-y."

Karen Anne said...

I'm thinking that the seniors have family to spend time with on weekends, also that whoever goes with them would get time and a half or double time on weekends...

I have never gone on a bus type field trip, for seniors or not. Anything that starts with "Arrive at 6:30 am, bring lots of Dramamine" is not my cup of tea :-)

Kay said...

I object to the seniors on weekends rule. Oh, I see Why S? has beat me to this.

MonkeyGirl said...

Somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning...oh wait, that would mean that you bumped your head on the wall... get yourself some caffeine woman!

Vicki said...

Some days come together really well don't they.

NV said...

Debbie -- Yeah, I worry about that with Pearl now but I don't so much with the Tbird.

Why -- True. I was just annoyed!

PB -- Um yeah. Yesterday doesn't go down as one of my best days.

KarenAnne -- Yeah, I know that. I don't begrudge them having something to do during the week. I just wished that all their vehicles hadn't been in my way yesterday!

KayO -- Yeah, and it was a half-hearted rule to begin with!

MG -- The caffeine didn't help. Much.

V -- You know it. The only good thing I can say about yesterday is that it's over!

Anonymous said...