Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Caving Under Chaos

The livingroom is like a safe haven. Except for the animals' toys, bedding, etc., (an an occasional tool), it's the one place currently unaffected by all the madness inside This D*mn House.

I've said this before, but it bears repeating: Working on a house while simultaneously living in it sucks. Hands down, it's one of the worst things one can endure long-term. Or at least it is for me. Home is supposed to be a place to escape to not escape from. And, with the latest round of work well into a third month, it's starting to take its toll on me.

Makes me just want to stay right here on this loveseat and not dare venture anywhere else in the house.

OK. Not like that is going to happen, but it doesn't keep me from wanting it. There's a whole lot of pride that goes into being able to say you did something yourself and in doing things in your home where you surround yourself with your handiwork. In fact, there's a great deal to be said for that kind of satisfaction.

Even so, it can come at a great cost somedays. It wears on you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Throw in a full-time job -- a job in which every burner is full and pots are boiling over -- and it can get to be too much in a hurry. (If you've ever undertaken a huge or multiple DIY projects simultaneously, you know EXACTLY what I mean. You've been there.)

So, as I pull my sorry ass from bed this morning, I'm already repeating the mantra: It will get done. It will look great. It will all be worth it.


Denise said...

Oh, I feel your pain! I am soooo ready for our renovation to be over — I want my house back! But you're right, it WILL be worth it! Hang in there.

Jayne said...

That's been my daily mantra for the past year--but most of my work's been on the outside of the house, which does make living inside a tad easier.

Why S? said...

One day you'll wake from this horrible dream and you'll find yourself living in a beautiful house that you made beautiful with your own two hands.

And then you'll be happy and proud you did it.

NV said...

Denise -- I know you do! I don't whine very often but the last week or so for some reason has just about done me in. Thanks for the encouragement!

Jayne --Yeah. See, last year 95 percent of stuff WAS outside and while it was hard work, when you walked in the house, you could LIVE in the house. It feels like that is just not going to happen.

Why -- Thank you! You're SO right. Getting there though is turning into quite the ordeal. It's times like this where I wish I could just do a Bewitched nose twitch and it would all be as it should. :-)

Liz said...

Amen, Sister! It sucks to be without a chaos-free zone to escape to. A person can only stand the clutter, mess and "crap everywhere" for so long. Keep up that mantra and all the sudden, you'll have your house back again! Promise!

NV said...

Liz -- Thanks! I know you know exactly what that's like in the long-term. I'm in a little better frame of mind today, thankfully!

Anonymous said...