Sunday, July 12, 2009

And the Rain Came

I finished mowing the yard and was on my way to dump off the grass just ahead of the rain.

As I turned on the road to the dump, the skies opened up. By the time I pulled into the site, small hail was hitting the car. The hail dissipated quickly enough but the rain did not. Pretty soon there were three other cars all waiting for the rain to let up to ditch our yard waste. It didn't let up.

I finally had enough. Got up. Dumped the grass. Got soaked to the skin. That was almost five hours ago. It's STILL raining, but now the sun is out.

I was going to go and get the panel for the bathroom but didn't feel like fighting the rain. If I weren't sore all over (especially my left leg which got gashed and bruised when I slipped yesterday and came down on the edge of the deck) I would try to finish ripping up the kitchen floor to get it into tomorrow's trash.

Instead, I've been doing little housekeeping things and working on some stuff for work. But, if I started in the next 30 minutes or so, I bet I could still get it done tonight ...