Friday, July 24, 2009

Honors, Props and Insanity

The title of this post pretty much sums up my day. The honors are courtesy of Ty’smommy at The Seventh Level of Boredom. She has declared This D*mn House “One Lovely Blog,” passing on an honor she received and saying some awfully nice things about me and the blog in the bargain. THANKS!

I will, in turn, be putting up a badge and passing the honor along very soon.

Vicki over at NotSoSAHM sent some props my way – thanks! – and even posted pictures of the hotel room where her family is holed up for another week. (Photos courtesy of 2-year-old Ashlyn. I’d say she’s got a budding photographer on her hands!)

And the insanity? That was courtesy of the mother. I was just finishing my lunch when my cell phone started ringing. Odd, but not unheard of. I thought maybe it was one of my friends, perhaps PB. But no.

It was the mother. I barely got “hello” out.

“WHERE ARE YOU?!” she bellowed. The emotion in her voice was palpable. I was confused. “I’m at work. Where else would I be?” For a second, I thought maybe she had thought I was only working a half-day or something.

“Why are you at work? It’s Saturday!”

I almost didn’t have the heart to tell her that it was Friday. Once I did tell her, she asked me if I was sure. “Well, if it’s not, there’s a whole hell of a lot of people in the office today who are confused.”

I think the lack of sleep, the overwhelming amount of house activity, and all of the chaos of our little zoo is taking its toll.


Vicki said...

Just tell me what wall you're going to beating your head against and I'll join you.

Debbie said...

lmao, that's too funny.

Many, many years ago I used to work in a yarn factory. I worked from midnight till 8 am. Well, in order to make it through the night, I'd take a nap from about 9 pm - 11 pm. Then try to sleep after work, with a 2 year old(I was a single mom).

I cannot tell you how many times I would jump out of bed thinking I was already at work. I'd start tying off yarn in my sleep, then wake up and realize what a moron I was. lol

I hope your mom has a better Saturday tomorrow. :)

Karen Anne said...

When you're retired, it does get hard to remember what day is what, there aren't any markers like oh, no it's Monday and tgif.

Karen Anne said...


I always liked Dave Barry's comment about waking up suddenly and then it takes a minute or two to remember what species you are :-)

NV said...

V -- Yeah. Moments with the mother can be that way sometimes, to be sure! :-)

Debbie -- Wow. I've never woken up thinking I was already at work. Funny! I kidded her about it all weekend. I think the real Saturday was much better for both of us.

KarenAnne -- I can see that happening. I even lose track sometimes when I'm on vacation or during a long weekend!

StuccoHouse said...

I once got up on a Saturday, showered, and got dressed for work. I was in my car before I realized my mistake. It happens :-)

Anonymous said...