Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday ToolTalk: Kobalt Utility Knives

I walked past them regularly for nearly two weeks. Then, I actually had them in a cart with a few other items the day we ordered the tub surround and the huge trim for downstairs at Lowe's. When Lowe's made me mad by not honoring their own discount, I said the hell with it and emptied my cart.

But a week later, I was back and this set of three Kobalt utility knives with a huge 100-pack of blades came home with me. I'm awfully glad they did.

I'm still just using the first one, but it's really nice to know that I have two others laying around if I need them. I'm sure I'll be changing the first blade very soon and that should be easy as the blade housing opens at the mere touch of a button and the razor pack is designed to keep you from getting cut.

They're sturdy, without feeling too heavy, and they have a nice rubber grip to really help you hold steady for even the toughest jobs. (Something my old Stanley model lacks.)

Here's a short list of things I've used the first knife for thus far:
*Scoring a sheet of backerboard (and there's a lot more of that in my future)
*Cutting those annoying plastic ties that just about everything I buy seems to have these days
*Cutting open boxes

*Cutting the plastic that we had wrapped around the tub surround during its brief stay in the carport
*Cutting loose tile remnants as I pull up layers of the kitchen floor

So far, so good. But be CAREFUL. These bad boys are SHARP!

The long and short of it: You get three knives and 100 replacement blades for $12.98 at Lowe's.
The conclusion: Worth every penny.


Karen Anne said...

I thought I was the only person who'd ever gotten mad enough at a store to abandon what I was going to buy and just walk out :-)

Anonymous said...

We have so many utility knives, ask me were just one of them is at. Come on, just one.

I have no idea, every time I need one I cannot find them. There should be one in every room of the house because that is how many we own. I call it the down side of home renovating - everything in boxes and not in it's place.

Oh yes, I actually put the stuff back and walked out.


NV said...

KarenAnne -- No, I do that, too!

Michele -- I know. That's the problem. I was buying the two in a $1 pack and the second the one would break, I'd have to guess where the other might be.

Anonymous said...