Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Tally

Here's a snapshot of my Sunday.

  • Number of things I set out to accomplish today: 4
  • Number of those things I completed: 1
  • Number of things not on the list that I accomplished today: 5
  • Number of times dog and/or cat have been told NOT to go in the kitchen or to get out of the kitchen: 836 (and counting)
  • Number of times either has listened: 0
  • Number of fireworks explosions heard today: 111
  • Number of partial episodes of Renovation Realities either seen or heard today: 6
  • Number of times that the mother has said: "What?" when I've been speaking to her: 9,988
  • Number of Band-Aids used: 3
  • Number of contractor bags of trash carried to the alley: 5
  • Number of times the Shop Vac has been run in kitchen: 12
  • Number of times Shop Vac has been taken downstairs or retrieved from downstairs: 5
  • Number of tools broken: 1
  • Number of tools purchased: 2
  • Number of times the phrase "Take it to Goodwill" has been uttered: 52