Saturday, July 18, 2009

So, Do I Get to Drive?

The day started early – before 7. I set up things for Lawrence just in case things got ugly at the DMV.

The DMV was a hap’nin place this morning. They were only open until noon and by the time I got there – 20 minutes into their day – there had already been a dozen people signed up and out. There were two people ahead of me and about six more walked in while I was waiting!

Despite the crowd, things went rather quickly. I got the test (20 multiple guess and a separate page of traffic signs to identify). I was very confident about the signs, but the multiple guess … there were a few I agonized over. (Only because I noticed the occasional question would trip me up in the Rules of the Road book.) And some of the questions? Bullsh*t. Why do I need to know whether a 17-year-old driving after curfew without a parent or guardian jeopardizes their license? Why?! How exactly does that demonstrate my driving ability? Whatever.

I had to sit and wait and watched a kid who looked barely old enough to drive grade my test. He banged the pen on the sheet as he went down the first page without taking the lid off. That seemed like a good sign.

Then he got to the next page and I got distracted by a particularly good-looking dude renewing his plates. So, I looked up in just enough time to watch the kiddo scrawling furiously across my exam. Oh sh*t. I’ve waited this many years to get an awesome car – and I won’t be able to drive. My heart sank.


I cautiously approached the counter. “You didn’t miss any, so you passed.”

Whew. We're good to go, Pearl. At least until 2013 ...