Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Light on the Visuals

(Note: This post was SUPPOSED TO have auto-posted last night. It did not. D*mn Blogger anyhow!)

Vicki over at NotSoSAHM has asked for photos of the “progress” around here lately. To be honest, there’s not a lot to see. I wish that I could say there was.

Door-free cabinets and a cementboard flooring aren’t all that exciting. And our new tub surround isn’t exactly earth-shattering either. Especially not with the peeling 18 inches of wall above it (soon to be covered by the subway tile panel). So, I’ll apologize for holding out on the visuals, but the truth is, there’s not really a lot to see. Things are getting done, albeit very, very slowly.

I did take some before shots of the old surround and fixtures, so I’ll work on getting photos of the new ones up. That’s about the best that I can do.

Vicki is the one who should be putting up photos. I still can’t figure out how she has lived for weeks, that’s WEEKS people, in a hotel room with two cats and two kids – one of whom is the vivacious 2-year-old Ashlyn. She and her family are waiting for their home to be available as hubby settles into his new job in D.C. That day is drawing near and I’m anxious for her!

Besides, my kitchen shots would pale in comparison to the status of the kitchen renos going on over at Liz and Joey’s of A Constructed Life or at the Stucco House. And I don’t have anything nearly as dramatic to share as all the demo over at Dawn’s Bungalowcious either.

But stay tuned. As the mother and I so often console one another with, “It’s gettin’ there.”