Thursday, July 16, 2009

Delivery, Delivery, Delivery!

With the kitchen floor looming and Mother Nature being the pain she can be, I broke down and bought a tile cutter. I still may use my RotoZip for some of the job, but this way, even if it is pouring down rain, I can still cut tiles.

That is arriving today.

The rugs I bought earlier this week are also on the way. The small throws should arrive today or tomorrow while the larger area one is coming straight from the manufacturer so it won’t be here for a few weeks.

Yesterday, I got a birthday card with an early birthday present: a Staples gift card. It is now the third such card in my possession. The other two are from Christmases past. All are from the same well-meaning family friend. She figured I could use them to buy ink or photo paper for my printer. And I could.

There’s just one small problem: There isn’t a Staples store within 75 miles of This D*mn House – and you can’t use Staples gift cards online. Easy button my a**.

I found this out three or so years ago. I was lucky that time because a very nice customer service person took down my information, had me Xerox the giftcard and mail it in. A week later, the card was replaced with an online voucher which I promptly used. The next year, when I got another one of these potential windshield scrapers for Christmas, the company would not do this. “It shouldn’t have been done before,” I was told by an alleged manager. I was told this again and again and again. I gave up.

I guess when I tried to subletly tell this friend not to get any more of them, I was too subtle. I got a second one last year for Christmas. When this arrived in the mail, I wanted to go and bang my head on the wall. I wasn’t going to say anything about it, but the mother did. I felt bad and so did my friend. She was sure there was a store out by her. That would have been good news. That would have put one within 40-50 miles of me.

But alas, no. Let the head-banging commence. Apparently though I’m not alone in my frustrations. As I was checking to see if they have in fact built a store locally in the past year or so, this site came up.

It made me laugh. You’d think in this age of the Internet where we do just about everything online that companies would be smarter than this. I guess not.


plumbelieve said...

Hey NV,

Sometimes I travel to towns that have these stores. If you would like, I can get them from you along with a list of things you want. Next time I am around one, I will shop for you.


MonkeyGirl said...

Or maybe these are gift cards this person has received as a gift and is just passing them along.....I wold help you out but the "closest" Staples is about 75 miles away from me....Oh well, it is the thought that counts, right?

Karen Anne said...

I think there are sites online where you can sell or trade gift cards. Not sure if they are reputable or not.

NV said...

Thanks, PB! I may have to take you up on that.

MG -- I think it's ones purchased through a work incentive program and I think she thought there was one here locally. Appreciate the offer, but you're no closer than I am! :-)

KarenAnne -- Yeah, I've seen those. Good thought! Thanks.

Vicki said...

I think there's a website out there where you can sell or trade gift cards.

Anonymous said...