Saturday, July 4, 2009

Soggy Holiday

So far, the forecasters are right. They said rain during the morning hours and off and on during the rest of the day. I awoke to rain banging on the windows a few hours ago but went back to sleep.

It’s still pouring now. I’m really glad it wasn’t like this last Saturday when the refrigerator came! Today, I don’t really have any outdoor activities planned. Good thing. I’m almost surprised that I don’t. I feel sorry for people who do.

I need to start tearing the kitchen floor up. I had planned to start yesterday, but yesterday quickly turned into a “nothing” day. Nothing, as in I did a whole lot of nothing. It was a very pleasant change of pace.

We went and picked up some things – including a new register for the kitchen. Who knew there were so many different kinds and sizes. Here’s hoping this one fits! And, the mother bought a set of luggage for her pending trip. (She has finally realized that there is no way she can’t NOT check a bag. The new luggage is WHEELED, too. Something she will really appreciate as she mills through airports changing planes.)

The other thing I have to do is make room for the new tub enclosure and all of the molding (13 eight-foot boards) that we bought for the hallway and family room downstairs. Those are being delivered on Monday. I’m not sure where that space is coming from. We have so much stuff sitting around right now already that we really could pass for our own hardware store.

I watched a few minutes of The Messiest Home in the Country a few nights ago and it made me a nervous wreck because I saw some parallels to This D*mn House. At least we have a valid excuse for having piles of stuff everywhere. Living and working in a house simultaneously is never easy or fun. It does get very, very old though.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but the people in the Messiest home were nuts. I've seen the other two and was thinking during most of this one that the people seemed to need a bit of psychological help and had serious denial issues BUT compared to others were pretty sane. Then their craziness blew up all over everything at the end.

Ah, such entertainment.

Why S? said...

I can't believe I don't know that show. But I don't think I get Style Network.

Yeah, the live/work space thing gets old quickly. But one day, you'll have plenty of war stories to tell and a lovelier home to live in.

NV said...

Jen -- Thanks for the vote of confidence in my sanity. I seem to question it on an almost daily basis, especially where this house is concerned! :-)

Why -- I think it's on either DIY or HGTV.

Thank you for that! I keep repeating my mantra in the meantime: "It WILL get done. It WILL look great. It WILL all be worth it."

Anonymous said...