Thursday, July 30, 2009

Plan C and a Mirror Appears

By now, I thought I'd be wrapping up in the bathroom, putting away my tools, cleaning up the mess.

That's what I thought. Well, think again.

I cut the first piece of subway tile panel to put above the bathtub surround. For some reason, instead of cutting the next few pieces, I decided to bring it in. Thank God. I knew I was in trouble the second I put it against the wall. It was a completely different shade of white -- and it looked AWFUL!

It would have been great, but it doesn't match. And it's not like you can paint it. Well, you could but you'd be doing it over and over and over again. Nope. Not doing that. I quickly shifted to a Plan B. "Bring me a piece of the tile for the bathroom," I ask the mother. We decide that it would look OK but it would cost quite a bit, not to mention fighting with adhesive and grout and trying to not get any of it wet. Nope. Not doing that either.

"I wish I had some more wallpaper," the mother said. "We could get some more, I think." But then, the existing would look really bad next to the brand new. So, Plan C is repapering the bathroom. Can't say I'm too pleased about this because I'm not. But ...

This new plan has gotten the mother off of her "off white" phase. She's going to repaint all the trim white. And the new wallpaper? It will be white background, black print. (But this is for another post.)

In the interim, the phone rang and suddenly the missing mirror is on its way. Good thing we were home. I guess all of my phone calling last week and earlier this week finally paid off. The prodigal mirror is now safely at home!

So, the day has been filled with ups and downs. There will be at least one more up later tonight: Gone With the Wind is on.


cd said...

No - not the "WP" word. I have attempted to remove wallpaper for three weeks in a relatively small bathroom. It was applied directly to drywall with no sizing. What did you use to remove the original paper? I rarely have a Plan B and of course you have a C, D & E. Why is it these DIY projects never seem to be cut and dried!

Vicki said...

Your list truly does never end! Still can't wait to see the results :)

NV said...

cd -- SO Feeling your pain! That DIF stuff is great though. It not only helped take off the few areas of stubborn paper, but removed all of the layers of adhestive beneath it.

NV said...

V -- Yup. The never-enidg list.

Anonymous said...