Saturday, July 18, 2009

And the House Didn’t Blow Up!

Lawrence was right on time today like always. I beat him to This D*mn House by about 20 minutes, so things were looking good!

He did a mish-mosh of things today – including repair the new hot water control on the tub. He also routed the bathroom cabinet doors and put beadboard in those. I FINALLY got all five layers of the kitchen floor up, so today I had him help me put the new backerboard down.

In the middle of that job, we smelled gas. The gas line behind the stove does smell occasionally and Lawrence thought maybe there was a leak in the basement end of the pipe. But today, it was stronger than it’s ever been. When we got down there, we found that the pipes were inside the ceiling – which is finished on the family room side. Oh God. Not MORE tearing out of ceiling!

Luckily, Lawrence came up with a quicker, easier fix. He shut off the gas and rerouted the pipe to the water heater, effectively abandoning the unused stove pipe. He turned the gas back on and the house didn’t blow up. Whew. Another massive sigh of relief today!

I kept him about an hour or so longer than I’d intended and he seemed OK with it. He was genuinely concerned about that pipe, so I appreciated him finding a way to get it done.

All in all it was a pretty good day. I’m exhausted now though … and STARVING!