Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good, Bad, Better

The good news: After tomorrow, I’m off until Tuesday! I got the vacation days that I wanted after all. It really was touch and go for a while.

The bad news: My pre-departure to-do list is frightening. A whole lot of stuff to get done and just this evening and tomorrow to deal with 90 percent of it. Ugh.

The better news: This means I can actually get something done around the house. As it stands now, working a minimum 50-hour week, I don’t have much time during the week, though I sometimes do things at night. Like last night. The mother did get the house scrubbed yesterday so I helped her put some things back and I put most of the new drains on.

I say “most” because some of them aren’t attached too well. They don’t actually fit over the elbows of the downspouts the way they should. So, I had to modify by drilling holes into the drain and the elbow and attaching with a small screw. (This after I fought for nearly an hour after trying to replace an ailing elbow on the carport side. D*mn thing. First I couldn’t get the old one off. Then I couldn’t get the new one on!)

So I ran out of daylight in properly attaching the second half of the six total drains. It’s been storming today. I sure hope the others are still in place when I get home!

I can’t let this day go by without giving a shout out to my dear friend (and poet) PB: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope it's been a fantastic one.


Debbie said...

Oh how exciting to have a mini vacation! Are you just hanging around the house, or fitting in something fun?

I can't believe all the work you are doing is all crammed into evenings and weekends! Great job!

I work 5 days and week and then watch the baby 4 nights a week, so am a lazy butt after work every day. Augh!

Hope you catch up on all the work before vacation!

Ty'sMommy said...

Oh, NV, I'm in big trouble! Dropping Ty off at school this morning, an itty bitty little orange ball of fluff stuck its scared little head out from under the school's front porch. Someone dumped a tiny barely weaned kitten at the school! We tried to coax him out, to no avail. I did leave a dish of water and some dry cereal (it was all we could find) to tempt him to come out and stay though. If that little guy is still there when I pick him up, I'm a goner.

NV said...

Debbie -- I'm spending it the way I spend almost all of my vacation: Working on stuff in this stupid house. (Mumbling mantra now.)

Ty's mom -- So ... what's up with the kitty? You're as big a sucker as me!

Anonymous said...