Thursday, July 16, 2009

Delivered, Delivered, Delivered!

The rugs came. My tile cutter came – and so did the sample of vinyl beadboard that I ordered. Man! This D*mn House is keeping the delivery businesses busy. And that’s a good thing; one of them helps keep bread on the table and the lights on!

(The mother is already not happy with the beadboard; I’ve not seen it, so I’m reserving judgment.)

I’m in an exceptionally crappy mood. I’m hoping that the storm that looks like it could roll in will just blow over because I want to get Pearl out on the open road. A cranked stereo and zipping along with Pearl should be just the antidote. (That, and a small dose of retail therapy. I have to go to the store and pick up allergy drugs tonight anyway so it’s not a special trip.)

I’m just thinking I might drive a little farther than I’d planned as that would let me put Pearl’s pedal down a little bit. That’s exhilaration I could really use right now.